Chapter eight

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Draco POV

"A-as in Tom Riddle?" the Weaselette stutters.

"That's right," Kovus replies. "Do you have a problem with that?" He smirks that them, cunningly.

"N-no. Come on Ginny, let's go." They scurry away. Kovus turns to me, his features turned soft.

"Do they always treat you like that?"

"Only when Harry- you- aren't around."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't want to upset you." He wraps his arms around me.

"Thank you, Dray. But you don't have to worry about me."

"Of course I do! You're my mate, it's my job." He laughs, and we walk on.

After buying everything for Kovus, we return back to the manor. I leave Kovus with Tom, as they probably want to catch up. Meanwhile, I go to talk to Laure, Sophie and Jess.

"Dray!" Sophie squeals. "I feel like I haven't seen you forever!"

"We saw each other this morning, Soph."

"Yes but that was brief. It doesn't count."

"So Dray, how's it going with Ko?" Laure asks, grinning and giving me a cocky nudge.

"Great," I say. "I still can't believe he's back. I've missed him so much..." The three girls coo, and I scowl at them.

"We all missed him, Dray," Jess adds.

"Dumbledore should die for taking him."

"I know," I say. "And I want to be the one to do it."

"I've got it!" Laure exclaims. "You can, but you have to wait. First we have to scare him. Make it out that his precious Harry Potter is missing. Make the rest of his side freak out, all the ones that deserve it. Ko can go to Hogwarts, pretend he's someone else who moved from a different school. Then next year, kill him." I smile.

"I can't wait."

"Ko!" I say, bumping into my mate, falling over. Kovus falls on top of me so he's lying on my chest.

"Hi, Dray." He kisses my nose and scrambles to his feet. I sit up.

"That's all I get?" He leans down, pressing his lips to mine. "I have a plan to tell you." I explain to him what Laure said, and he grins.

"Perfect! Come on, let's go to your room."

A moment later, we sit cross legged on my bed, facing each other.

"I'm really sorry about Ron and Ginny... I know they didn't turn out to be who you hoped they would," I say.

"I don't care, Dray. I mean sure, I guess it would be great if they still liked me, but they don't, and that's they fact. Anyway I have you and the girls now. I don't need any red haired freaks whose heads are so far up their own arses you can't even tell their hair colour." I laugh.

"Even so, I know you wanted them to still be nice."

"I don't give a shit if they're nice or not. I've got you, and that's the only person I will ever need." Before I know it, my lips are pressed against his in a passionate kiss. His tongue strokes my lip and for a while we battle for dominance, until Ko wins. His tongue slips into my mouth and explores it all, not leaving a crevice untasted. He pulls away, placing his lips on the skin between my neck and shoulder, sucking slightly. Okay, a lot. I moan, not caring in the slightest that it's going to leave a mark.

Three minutes later, we walk into Laure and Sophie's room, where Jess already is.

"Dray!" Laure exclaims. "What in Merlin's name happened to your neck? Good god, did Ko do that?" Kovus nods sheepishly and I grin. My neck is almost black, bruised from where Kovus was sucking and biting at it earlier.

"So Kovus," Jess says, changing the subject. "Has Draco told you the plan?"

"Yep! It's brilliant."

"So, what is you're name going to be?"

"I hadn't thought about that."

"Come on, Ko! You need a name!"

"What about Vik... Vik something. I've always been shit at making up last names."

"Okay," Sophie says. "Vik... Krey?"

"That would work."

"Welcome to the world, Mr Krey."

"Why thank you, Miss Lestrange." Laure giggles.

"Now we need a backstory!"

"Okay, so I went to Bulgaria and was a student at Durmstrang, but then my mum... Uh Em... She died fighting a dragon or something... Then me and my dad... Dan?... we moved here so he could find work."

"Great! Any siblings?"

"No. Only child."


"No way. Dumbledore won't remember what I look like and the Weasels will be too scared to come up to me. I haven't looked like me for years. I want to be able to enjoy it now." I kiss his cheek. I'm so lucky to have a mate like him. Which makes me wonder... Who might the girls' mates be?

A/N IMPORTANT QUESTION!!!!!! Who should the girls' mates be? I'm thinking of making either Sophie or Laure homosexual, so but the other two (Jess and the one you pick not to be homosexual) can be straight so who do we want them with, PLEASE COMMENT!!!! Thanks babes,

Gorgi xx

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