Chapter One: The Ice Castle

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He was beautiful, with hair whiter than my own and skin like that of a porcelain doll

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He was beautiful, with hair whiter than my own and skin like that of a porcelain doll. His eyes were icy blue cerulean crystals that looked impenetrable and full of silent rage. Beyond the beauty was something feral and untamed; an uncontrollable power that filled the room with static. I'd never felt an energy so powerful and deadly before, and my fear made my body as cold as his eyes.

He could hurt me. He could kill me without a second thought and the way he watched us with lowered, calculating eyes made my skin crawl.

There were four of us, and we stood in the royal courtroom of the brilliant Ice Castle as the king, queen, and prince of the Ice Clan sat before us. Their thrones made of pure ice.

The four of us were their newest warriors-in-training. We were born with a rare gift that only the prince, Sebastian, possessed. A gift that once only belonged to the Royal families of the Ice Clan. It is the gift to wield white fire, a fire so cold that it can destroy nearly everything. It is a gift that could keep the Fire Clan from destroying us.

I live in a world of fire and ice. My country, Iceland, has been at war with Fireland for ten years. It has been rumored that the gift of white fire could tip the balance in the war. It is why the king brought us here as weapons. We are to be trained until we are as lethal as the Ice Prince.

"How is it possible that these children were born with the gift of the Royal bloodlines?" the Queen inquired. She was once a beautiful woman with long, wavy white hair, but age wasn't graceful with her. Her thinning hair stayed pinned behind her head, and the hanging skin below her eyes made her look at least ten years older than her husband.

The King, on the other hand, looked like an older, more masculine version of the Prince but with short, silver hair and a charming presence that made his people like him.

His son, on the other hand, wasn't liked much at all. The rumors spread throughout the kingdom of his wicked ways and promiscuity. He had women throwing themselves at him, but he appeared to be uninterested in taking them serious for long enough. Or perhaps he couldn't love. Staring at him as his eyes narrowed at me made me guess that the latter was the truth. He had no live to give.

"Maybe they share royal blood," the Prince replied, and although his velvety voice was lovely, the tone in which he spoke was not. It was clear that he didn't want to be sitting there, inquiring on our gifts.

"It's possible," the King chimed in, his voice high and cheery. "Bastard children of powerful, royal men...possibly from the Slanathys men. Or maybe desperate times call for desperate measures. Our people live in fear of the Fire Clan. It's possible that they could've developed our gifts in order to defend themselves against extinction. Animals evolve constantly. This could just be a case of natural adaptation."

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