Chapter Thirty Eight: Cora

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I watched Anya's limp body being dragged across  the hospital ward toward the large double doors, and I wanted so badly to lash out and protect her

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I watched Anya's limp body being dragged across  the hospital ward toward the large double doors, and I wanted so badly to lash out and protect her. She was being accused of a crime she hadn't even committed and if my instinct hadn't fooled me, I believed I knew exactly who'd done it. I'd stayed up half the night finally putting two and two together.

Before the guards could exit the ward, the double doors burst opened, revealing an angry Prince. He stepped inside of the room with eyes trained on Anya, and immediately ran to her side. I was completely taken back by the raw emotion displayed on his face as he tore her away from the guards and pulled her into his arms.

Maybe it was true that she was his mistress. I'd always known since the first training that he had eyes for her. When she was around, none of us existed. He would pick on her and make her the center of attention. Even though he had treated her harshly, we knew she was still his favorite.

The Prince looked up at his father with eyes that could kill a man. "Father!" The Prince screamed, and took a few steps toward where his father stood.

That's right, I silently urged the Prince. Ice that bastard!

"Why did you do this to her?" Prince Sebastian asked.

"She's taken the stone!" the King argued in defense.

"How do you know? Where is the proof?" Prince Sebastian asked, looking around the at everything in the private ward. His eyes frowned and he moved toward the machine to briefly study it. "What is this?" He turned to his father and nodded toward the contraption. "WHAT IS THIS?"

"I was set to perform the procedure today-"

"I figured that's why you sent me off to the North! You wanted to distract me!" The Prince laughed wickedly and shook his head, his silver hair bounced at his shoulders. "Well, it doesn't look like your plan worked."

"It didn't work because your mistress stole the winter stone!" the King accused, and I saw Luca shift uncomfortably out of the corner of my eye. "She deserves to be locked away in t-"

"Need I remind you that she saved mother's life? She also took down over four Firelanders in one blast! She has proven her loyalty through and through, and she's even gained mother's affection. How would mother feel once she learned that her saving grace was locked away? How would the kingdom feel knowing that one of the innocent trainees was served a cold spoon of injustice?" The Prince waited for his father to speak, but the King said nothing. "If we are done, I'll be taking her back to her room to rest off this head injury." The Prince glared at the guards one last time before storming off.

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