Chapter Forty: The Return of Prince

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When I opened my eyes, I had expected to find myself in a cold, murky dungeon next to the cells of broken and abused men

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When I opened my eyes, I had expected to find myself in a cold, murky dungeon next to the cells of broken and abused men. I did not expect to find myself laying in the hospital ward with a long-haired Prince sitting in a chair next to me, sleeping peacefully.

My heart pounded as I quietly sat up, and I inhaled the coolness of his presence like the first breath of fresh, morning air. I hadn't realized how much his scent delighted me until then.

The Ice Prince was dressed in a slightly revealing, white shirt that showed off of his sculpted chest. As he rested, his head slowly fell forward, causing him to become startled. He quickly repositioned himself in the chair and continued to sleep. I laughed softly as I watched him.

What was he doing here? What was I doing here? The last I remembered was the King telling his men to silence me. Had the Ice Prince saved me before the King could execute his plan?

I looked away from him as my thoughts began to consume me. The King had been upset because someone had stolen the winter stone. The question was who?

There was only one name that came to mind, and that was Cora's. She'd been the only one desperate enough to do it. Once again, she had allowed me to take full blame for something while she did nothing to help. I was beginning to hate her.

I looked around the rest of the hospital room, noticing how every cot was now empty. Days before, each cot had been filled with victims of the attack and thankfully, they'd all been released. It meant the nurses had successfully done their job.

My eyes absentmindedly drifted toward the Prince and found his frighteningly beautiful, blue eyes staring back at me. His raspy, sleepy voice filled the ward. "How are you feeling?"

I didn't know what came over me. I jumped out of the bed and collapsed onto his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck and taking in the smell of clean linen. You cold Prince, I thought to myself. How dare you leave me like that?

His arms softly wrapped around my sides as he returned the hug, and I wanted to cry in relief. He was finally back!

As I pulled away, I gazed into his equally passionate eyes and smiled. "Would it be wrong of me, your majesty, to say that I've missed you terribly?"

His returned smile was breathtaking. "Why would that be wrong?"

"Because I'm supposed to hate you," I admitted.

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