Chapter Forty Four: The Fire King

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The Fire King sprang into action, and a wave of flames charged toward the sword in Sebastian's hand

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The Fire King sprang into action, and a wave of flames charged toward the sword in Sebastian's hand. The Prince spun away from Titus, narrowly missing the ball of fire, and sent the sword spiraling toward the King. Unfortunately, the King dodged the assault with ease, and the flames around him grew in intensity.

Now King Toro was angry.

But the Prince didn't have time to worry about the King when the most glorious blast of white light erupted from Titus' hand. Sebastian dropped low to the ground and the blast went right over his head.

Prince Sebastian was in a terrible predicament. He watched both King Toro and Titus slowly approach and crouched low beside his father, ready to attack whichever man moved first.

It was time for me to stop standing around and watching. It almost seemed as if the final challenge had come, and we'd all learn who was truly captain. I had been trained for this, and I'd stand next to my trainer, even if it meant death. I quickly moved away from the crowd as energy began to swell at my spine. Pointing a hand at Titus, I directed my energy down my spine and into my middle chakra - the way Sebastian had always taught me.

I then screamed with the pain of releasing all of my strength, and watched as it charged at Titus at full  speed. The ball of fire smacked into his chest, sending him flying backward.

Everything stopped as every eye fell on me. I glared at all of the Firelanders, especially the Fire King as I took a stand next to the Prince. Sebastian looked up at me and his eyes were wide as they traveled the length of my body to settle on my chilling gaze.

"Why did you get involved?" he asked. "You should've stayed back."

"It's me and you, remember?" I told him, looking up at our enemies to make sure they hadn't attacked.

"Who is she?" King Toro spoke to Titus through the burning flames. "Doesn't she realize how outnumbered her people are? With a simple command, my men can torch them to ashes, and the the Ice King will still be mine."

"Move, Anya," Titus stated through clenched teeth. "I don't want to hurt you, but I will. You don't understand what you are doing."

"I'm fighting for my Prince, who is protecting his father. What does his death prove to the Fire King? How will it bring back the many lives lost? Peace is the only way. Revenge means blood spilled on both sides!" I paused, hoping to make them understand with my pleading eyes. "By killing the King, you are only becoming like him. The true peace treaty can be decided right now if both Kings agree to let the past go and move forward in peace!"

"He must pay!" The Fire King roared, and his fierceness was frightening. He looked around at his men while pointing his torched hand at us. "Restrain them!"

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