Chapter Twenty Eight: Caught

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Prince Sebastian

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Prince Sebastian

It appears that every time I suffer, it is your doing. I wish that I could tell you to stay far away from me...

Anya's last words to me seemed to haunt me to no avail. Why was I so affected by her departure? I was the 'Cold Prince' with the ice heart, the person my people feared most. And yet, there I was, resting against my headboard, sulking about the fact that I'd hurt a girl.

How insane was I to think that Anya and I could be cordial, even after all that I had done to her? It was foolish of me to even try.

"Ahhh!" I thrashed my fist against my icy headboard, watching pieces crack from the impact. I was so angry with myself.

Since when did I care how others felt? I had trained myself to feel nothing when I slaughtered innocent noblemen for his kingliness. Surely I could train myself not to care for some simple girl.

If she wanted her space then I'd give it to her. If she wanted things to return to how it used to be before I became kind, then consider it done. She'd regret it more than I.

There was a faint knock at my door and I closed my eyes, wishing the person coming into my room would just go away. I didn't want to be bothered by her, not when another women plagued my mind. With much reluctance, I opened my eyes and took in the sight of her.

Although I hated to admit it, Lady Esmeralda was as exceptional as ever as she stood there wearing a dark blue gown - the one she knew was my favorite. The teasing neckline hinted to her cleavage while elongating her neck, and she wore her hair in waves that cascaded down her back. On her face, she wore a look of mischief, and I could always see right through the leech that she was.

On a normal day, I wouldn't have even cared about her agenda. I would've just taken what she had to offer and sent her on her way. But with the situation with Anya so fresh in my head, Lady Esmeralda's presence only annoyed me. I was sure she could see it on my face.

"What do you want?" I asked her, earning a genuine frown. She never had to suffer through my coldness, but tonight, she would.

"I heard about the attack," she began. "The Queen was strolling through the grounds near the castle when a dragon advanced. I heard it took three guards to kill it."

"Wrong," I snapped. "It took one girl to kill the beast."

"Who, might I inquire?" she asked, but I had a feeling that she already knew. Then why was she playing stupid? Conniving woman.

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