Chapter Twenty: Teach Me

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Prince Sebastian watched me as I entered into his private training room

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Prince Sebastian watched me as I entered into his private training room. Although his gaze was heavy, his eyes were unreadable. I wished I knew what he was thinking. Was the kiss still on his mind or had it been forgotten in the last few hours?

I hadn't forgotten it. My lips still felt the coolness of his touch, and I found myself having to look away from him. Why was I still so affected? It wasn't like either of us even wanted the kiss. We'd done it out of obligation, and that was it!

Just let it go, I told myself.

"Are you done daydreaming?" I met the Prince's amused gaze and frowned. My reaction caused him to flash a brilliant smile. "Was the daydream about me?"

"No, your majesty."

"I beg to differ," he took a step toward me. "You see, there is a soft pink hue to your cheeks. It's the same color you turned right after the kiss."

I looked away. "I'm here to train, not to talk about the kiss."

The Prince laughed. "You didn't deny my accusation, so I'll assume to it to be true. You were daydreaming about me, Lady Anya."

I sighed and faced him for the third time, wishing to change the subject. "Have you learned anything else in the last few hours?"

His face was serious again. "No. You?"


"Leave it to me. I'll handle my father. I need you to only worry about your training. Take it if your life depends on it."

"I do take it seriously." I frowned. "Wait. Is there something I don't know?"

"No." The Prince began walking toward me. "Now, today we will focus on strengthening. I need yo-"

"Prince Sebastian..."

He stopped right before me. "Did you just interrupt me?" 

"Only to say this, your majesty. You speak of increasing my strength, but I have never seen you wield your power. I've heard stories of how powerful you are, but I've never actually witnessed it. How can I truly trust that you can train me when you've never demonstrated a thing?"

The Prince smirked. "And that's a question that you are just now asking me?"

"Well, it hadn't popped into my head until now. Now, I'm curious."

I could tell by the twitch in his lip that he was fighting a smile. "So, it took for me to kiss you for you become curious enough to inquire on my powers?"

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