Chapter Three: Dragon Stone

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Five in the morning came like a thunderstorm on a small island

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Five in the morning came like a thunderstorm on a small island. I'd just finished dressing in a pair of black trousers and a loose fitting shirt, something most women would find indecent to wear. But if I wanted to be a warrior, I needed to quickly forget about being a lady.

As soon as I'd slipped on my shoes, my door burst open and in poured the storm. At least 10 guards flooded my room, grabbing me and pushing me against the wall. They tied my hands behind my back and wrapped a piece of cloth over my eyes.

I was absolutely horrified, but I knew that their antics were a part of training. I'd be shunned if I screamed like a little girl. God knows I wanted to.

I had no idea where they were leading me, only that we were outside and that it took about ten minutes of walking before they pushed me onto the ground and retreated. Everything was quiet, and I lifted my head, trying to hear for any movement.

That's when I heard a sigh beside me. I turned my head in the direction of the noise and heard faint breathing. "Hello?" I asked.

"Shhh..." a females voice responded, and I knew instantly that it was the girl in my group. The only other female to experience this with me. I decided to listen to her and keep my mouth shut.

It seemed like minutes passed on as the temperature dropped. I could tell from the breeze and smell of snow that we were in the woods. I was the only trainee from the most southern part of Iceland and had the darkest skin due to warmer temperatures and exposure to sun. I was used to cold weather, but not the freezing chill that the northern winds brought. Whatever the task was, I was already at a disadvantage. I regretted wearing short sleeves with every shiver in my body.

"Stand." His velvet voice cut through the brisk morning air. I did my best to make it to my feet. Without the aid of my hands, my feet kept slipping in the snow.

From the sound of the grunts surrounding me, I guessed I wasn't the only one struggling. Eventually, we were able to stand.

"That took long enough."

I heard a thud, followed by what sounded like thick boots trotting through the snow. Something was approaching me specifically, and I listened closely until the moment my eyes were freed from their bondage.

I met Sebastian's icy gaze and he smirked before moving on to the girl a few feet away from me.

I took the time to take in the early morning scenery. We were on a barren, snow covered hill, but below us lay an endless stream of trees. We were far enough from the castle that it looked like a small house in the background of a dark painting.

Prince Sebastian was accompanied by about twenty different guards, all on the backs of polar bears. The Prince's bear was strong and as white as the snow, with eyes the same color as Sebastian's. Next to the polar bear lay a table with three different objects hidden underneath a piece of cloth.

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