Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

I knock lightly on the door to Master's study room. He bids me come forward. He puts a book back onto a shelf before taking out another one and walking to his desk.

"What of the guests?" he asks, not looking up from the page of another book he just opened.

"Master Lucien exited after he finished his glass of wine. Master Niles says he has plans and left soon after. Master Liam left without a word after the other two."

"I meant," Master says while placing his book down before looking at me, "what do you think of them?" He leans on his desk as he waits for my answer. "Answer truthfully."

He must be asking about what I noticed like Morwenna instructed before their arrival.

"Master Niles is humorous and makes my lord happy."

Master tilts his head in thought. "I wouldn't really say happy, but go on."

"Master Lucien is strange."

"How so?"

"He says he dislikes blueberries, yet he eats them anyway."

"What of Liam then?"

"Master Liam is very conservative." Master is expecting me to explain. "He does not like to waste," I elaborate.

Master lets out a hearty chuckle and his brows even out. The gold highlight returns to his blue eyes. I must've answered correctly.

"It really is a waste that your eyes are this color." He walks and stops right in front of me. "Do me a favor and close your eyes for a minute."

I do so and he decreases the distance between us until I feel his breathing. His cold fingers tilt my head up as if to face him. I don't usually have to tilt my head to see anyone, but Master and his friends are exceptions. He breathes out a deep sigh and lets go as I open my eyes on the one minute mark.

"Evelyn." Master is smiling as he walks to the window, but his tone is sorrowful. "How many days until the Hunter's Moon?" he asks as he gazes out at the sunlit rose garden.

"Three days, Master."

He continues to stare out like he is forgetting that I'm there. I look around and see a vase of red roses sitting on a tall antique flower stand. They have already lost their velvety texture and most have turned crisp.

"Master, shall I change the flowers?" I ask.

"Have you been to the gardens?" he changes the subject. I shake my head. "Go there," he finally says after a long pause. "There's someone I want you to meet for me."


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