Chapter 16

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That night, Master didn't leave Alvena's room. That marked the first of many nights that he didn't return to his own room. He no longer wears that distant look because when he looks out the window of his study, he sees Alvena sitting in the garden. Master also seems to smile more and comments that I don't smile enough.

On a regular basis, if not holding meetings with other nobles, Master would be in his study, looking over documents. He explained to me that ever so often, there would be years when work doubled or even tripled. This was one of those times.

"Evelyn," he would call and beckon me over. I would bring him a new stack of papers to look at and he would nod while skimming it over. "Seems like we have to make a visit to the town," he would say after ten minutes.

Town visits are mandatory and will be more frequent as of late due to the strange dwindling human population. I would nod and go along with his town visits.

While London, Adrian and I would collect data on headcount, agriculture harvests, possible concerns, crime rates, and other possible issues, Master would show Alvena around.

Each time without fail, Alvena would return with a smile on her face. Master would usually tuck away his own smile but ever so often, a subtle grin would slip.

So today, when Master calls me in to his study and tells me to head out with only Lucien, I am confused.

"I want you to go in my place," Master says. "Lucien will be here to accompany you in an hour or so."

Master must have noticed something for he openly asks me of my qualms. By now, I myself am confused of how close we are. He allows me to say more than any other servant should be allowed to. When Alvena called me family, Master didn't oppose either.

"This is a very important meeting with Lord Killua."

Killua is the Pureblood guardian of the five Western districts and leader of our army. Not much is known about him except that he is the sole surviving vampire who has witnessed the last war against the wolves. That was over two thousand years ago. People say great things about him, but the stories vary.

"Killua is only frightening in name; however, he's mostly pleasant like Niles. I do not wish to head to town today. I have much work." Master notices the uncertainty in my expression still. "Well, speak your mind if I haven't answered your worries."

"Do you wish not to go because Lady Rosegarden would be present?"

Master pauses before letting out a laugh at my lack of hesitation. In my defense, it was at his prompting.

"Evelyn, aren't you excited to meet with Killua? It's not everyday anyone, including a high noble, can meet a Pureblood."

"Meeting Master is a miracle enough for me."

Master walked over and with his large hand, gently patted me on the head. A strange feeling suddenly fills my heart—something I've never experienced before. That patting of the head is usually awarded to my siblings, not me. And it feels nice.

"You are a sweet child," he whispers. "When you meet Killua, simply report what you know. Go now."

I obey, but can't help feeling that I have wronged Master. When I asked my question, we both knew that Master's heartbeat dropped. Yet he covered it up and didn't even scold me.

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