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When we got home we walked in to see my grandpa drinking his morning coffee with Gabriella sitting next to him. Marco started laughing as he walked out of the kitchen.

They both smiled at me and Killian. My grandpa got his wallet out and pulled out a 10 and handed it to Marco.

"I win" Marco said with a smile.

"What was that about?" I asked putting my shoes by the door.

"Oh just a friendly bet. Anyway thank you." Marco said waving the money in the air.

"Daddy can you make pancakes?" Gabriella asked as Killian sat next to her.

"Hey I just made you some." Marco said.

"Yeah but there burnt." She picked up the pancakes and hit it on the counter and it sounded like a rock.

"Si, li faro" Killian said getting up.

"Grazie." They all looked to Gabriella in shock.

"She knows Italian?" I laughed and nodded my head.

"I bet you know more then this one over here." Papa said pointing to Marco.

"Hey I take offense to that." Marco said turning to Gabriella.

"What is rosso?"

"Red" He looked frustrated but then smiled.

"How do you say baby?"


"Ok smarty pants what is 107"


"Marco can you tell me what intelligentone is?" My grandpa asked and Killian chuckled. I was shocked that he had said that. (Smart ass)

"NONNO." I said walking over to Gabriella.

"Oh sorry." He said looking to me.

"...what does it mean?" Marco asked making me sigh and my grandpa shake his head.

"It's a good thing you found you a girl that can put up with you Marco." My grandpa said as he got up.

"Now who wants to start to get this house ready for Christmas?"

"ME!" Gabriella said getting up.

"Well than we shall do it." He said picking her up.

"Mommy can we make cookies."

"Yes we can. We will make cookies and decorate the tree and make a cake." I smiled.

"Can Elton help?"

"I'll ask uncle Carlos if he can."

"Yay" My grandpa chuckled and walked off with her.

"So what did you to do last night?" Marco asked with a grin. I walked over to him and slapped him on the head.

"Learn how to make pancakes. And get to know some Italian. You grew up with it."

The rest of the day went by pretty fast. My dad and I had gotten everything out in the open. We were fine now and I was happy about it. I know my mom would have wanted us to be fine for the holidays

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