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Eric's POV

I stand in the center of the fighting block with my arms behind my back, a bored expression on my face. I check my wristwatch and sigh. The initiates have fifteen minutes before training starts.

The door to the training room opens and Tera walks in with Rori and Finn trailing right behind her. They sit down in their usual spots, and Finn sits with them, a little too close to Rori for my liking. She laughs at something he says and I force my eyes away from her.

I focus my gaze on my watch to keep myself busy. My head snaps up when the other four transfers burst through the door.

"Follow me, initiates," I say, my voice monotonous. I walk to where the targets are in the far corner of the room with the transfers following close behind. "Four is going to demonstrate how to throw a knife. Pay attention."

They gather around Four and he shows them the correct way to hold and aim the knife. He throws a couple knives, successfully planting them in the center for the target.

I smirk at the dumbstruck looks on most of their faces. My eyes wander to Rori and I can't help but notice how close her and Finn are standing.

Is there something going on between them?

I shake my head to rid my mind of those thoughts and focus my attention on the targets.

Four lets one more knife fly before having them practice. I pace behind them, my eyes scanning over them as they throw.

I stop walking and watch Rori as she gets ready to throw her knife. She pulls her arm back and lets it soar, hitting the target on the second ring from the center. She looks over her shoulder with a smile and I tear my eyes away from her and keep walking.

Four has them throw for about thirty more minutes before he has them do a couple laps around the room.

"Everyone has the morning off tomorrow," he says once everyone is finished running. "But training starts at two in the afternoon."

"Now, get out of here," I yell.

They all scramble toward the door and I smirk. I head out of the training room and make my way to my apartment. It's one of the only places where I can have some peace and quiet.

"Eric," a voice calls after me. I glance up and am met with her familiar ocean blue eyes.

"Yes, initiate?" I say, a bored expression on my face.

"I, uh, was just wanting to make sure you're okay," she says, flicking her gaze to her black boots.

She was concerned about me?

"Why wouldn't I be okay?" I say, harsher than I intended to.

She flinches and steps back, instantly making me regret my tone. "I don't know. You just, uh, seemed out of sorts."

"I'm fine," I say, stepping forward. I tilt her chin to make her look at me and her breath catches in her throat when she sees how close our faces are. If I leaned in slightly, my lips would brush hers. "Thanks for being concerned."

She doesn't say anything. Her eyes stay locked on mine as she leans in. I take a step back, putting distance between us. She scrunches up her eyebrows and frowns.

"Why did you do that?" she says, her voice barely above a whisper. "Why would you initiate that kiss and then pull away?"

"Believe me, I wanted to kiss you."

Her eyes snap up to meet mine. "Then why didn't you?"

"It's against the rules," I say. "You're an initiate, and I'm a leader."

"I don't see the problem," she says. "You're a leader. You should be able to kiss or date whomever you want."

"Let's say we were to date and you got a high rank," I say. She nods for me to continue. "The other transfers, and even the leaders, would assume you ranked high because I gave it to you, not because you earned it."

"Oh," she says with a frown. "I guess I can understand that."

"Initiation is only ten weeks long," I say. She looks up and locks her eyes on mine. "After that you'll be a full member of Dauntless."

"And I can date anyone I want," she says with a grin. "I can't wait."

"Oh, you could do that now," I say. "As long as they're not a leader."

"I suppose you're right," she says, stroking her chin. "But I haven't met anyone that strikes my fancy."

"You will eventually," I say. "There's plenty of guys here."

"Yeah, I've noticed," she says with a smirk. "But none of them are half as attractive as you are."

"I can't argue with that," I say with a smile. "Hey, do you have anywhere you need to be right now?"

She shakes her head. "No, why?"

"You want to go somewhere else to talk?"

She nods so I lead her up the stairs with my hand resting on her back.

We make it to the top of the stairs and onto the roof, slightly out of breath from the many flights.

"This a nice and quiet place to think," I say. "And to talk, if you have company."

"It's pretty up here," she says with a smile. I agree. "And kind of chilly."

"Oh, here." I take off my jacket and wrap it around her shoulders, despite her efforts to refuse it. I give her a once-over and grin. "You look hotter in my jacket than I do."

She blushes and looks down. Gosh, she's so cute.

"You're making it so hard for me not to kiss you," I groan. "You look hot as heck in my jacket, and your blush isn't helping."

"I'm sorry," she says, a chuckle escaping her lips. "My cheeks turn tomato red when hot guys compliment me."

I brush a strand of hair behind her ear and smile.

I've only known her three days, and she's already driving me wild.

"I'm kind of hungry." I chuckle causing the color red to paint her cheeks. "Sorry, I ruined the moment."

"It's okay," I say. "I'm in the mood for some Dauntless cake."

"I haven't tried that yet."

"You've been here three days, and you haven't tried the cake yet?"

"I haven't really had the chance," she says.

"Well, you have one now," I say, leading her off the roof and down the stairs. "It's going to put any other cake you've ever had to shame."

"Oh, really?" she says, raising a brow.

"Mark my words."

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