Chapter 11

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Nicolai felt Selene’s arms wrap around his neck. She had come looking for him, worried that he had been hurt. His head still hurt, but only the sight of her pushed that pain away. He kissed her with such fervor, he could stand it no longer. He needed her for his own survival. He missed her every second she was away from him.

“Wait…Nicolai” she gasped out.

“No, no more waiting, I’m tired of waiting” he said back, deepening the kiss. She moaned.

“We-we-we need to-to talk” she breathlessly spoke.

“About what?” he asked shoeing her no mercy as he bit her bottom lip.

“About this” she answered in a moan “about us”

He stopped, and looked down at her “What do you want to talk about?”

She sighed. “Listen I-I don’t…I don’t…” she looked down, then backed away from him and turned around, crossing her arms.       

“My parents” she began “and Gia’s mother had gone to a trip…I can’t remember where” she said shaking her head. “They were coming back and…and I was talking through the phone with my mom, they were laughing and excited to be back” She stopped, then turned around to look at Nicolai, tears trailing down her cheeks. Nicolai took a step in her direction, but she motioned him to stop “Please” she begged. He nodded.

She looked down at the floor. “I heard my mom yell, from laughter it all changed to panic” she closed her eyes, and Nicolai saw her shiver. “I yelled and yelled…but they kept screaming…then I-I heard this booming sound…and the call was over” She brought her hand to her mouth. The tears were now a downpour.

Nicolai ran to her and embraced her. “I lost everything that day” she cried “I went to-to live with Gia and-and her father, but he died years later” Selene rested her head on the hollow of his neck. “Gia is everything I have” she whimpered.

He understood now, she was afraid. His grip tightened around her. “You won’t lose anyone anymore” he whispered to her.

“You can’t promise me that” she replied, a bit more tranquil. “I don’t want to go through that pain again” she confessed.

Nicolai sighed. She was right he could not guarantee the safety of Gia, or him, yet he wished he could.

“I know you’re scared” he spoke to her softly, gently caressing her back “but you can’t isolate yourself and Gia from everybody else…give yourself a chance Selene…give me a chance”

She was silent. He tensed, and prepared to hear the worst. If she said no, then he had no other choice than to let her go. He did not want to force her to stay, he wanted her to love him, and remain by her own free will.

She backed away from his hold, and looked him in the eyes. Nicolai’s heart stopped.

* * * * * *

“Selene!” Gia yelled, trying to run after her, but the crowd had piled up and blocked her way. “Damn it!” she pushed and pushed but the people would not move. Someone grabbed unto her arm and dragged her away from the multitude.

“Hey! I can walk!” she turned to see who had pulled her. She sucked in a breath. “Let go” she demanded.

Cameron turned to look at her, he smiled at her. “Sorry, can’t do that”

“Where are you taking me?” Gia asked. They were walking through millions of parked cars.

“On a date”

“No freaking way” she said as she grabbed a blue van’s handle making Cameron stop in mid step.

“It’s just a date” Cameron sighed, trying to pull her away from the van.

“Yeah, that’s what they all say, a week later I am taking a pregnancy test” she kept her hold firm on the handle.

“I swear I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do,” Cameron told her “just, let go of the handle”

“No” Gia said stubbornly.

“Fine, you made me do this” he said as he placed his arm around her waist and hauled her unto his shoulder.

“What the...! Put me down Cameron, this-this is kidnapping you bastard!”

“I asked you nicely didn’t I, but did you listen” he teased her.

“Wait ‘till I call the authorities, I hope they sentence you to death”

“As long as I’ve had you I can die a happy man” he said with a smirk on his face.

“You will never have...Hey!” Gia yelled as Cameron opened the passenger’s door to his Hyundai Equus, then leaned down on the door.

“Just a date, I promise”

Gia looked at him, then sighed as she saw the honesty in his eyes “Fine” she replied putting on the seatbelt.

“Yes!” Cameron closed the door and ran to the other side, he quickly got in the car.

“You know, this is a luxury car” Gia said trying to make conversation to forget about the butterflies in her stomach.

“Yeah, I like style” he said as he started the engine.

“Not bad” she nodded with a smile.

* * * * * *

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