Term 28

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Yoongi sighs for the umpteenth time staring at his phone, laying on his side in his shared hotel room with his best friend Namjoon.

It is currently Halloween night and they are getting ready to go to Namjoon mother's party, well Namjoon was since Yoongi was already done.

The tall man walks out of the bathroom in his yellow baby chick onesie, a baby chick stuffed toy in his arms as he passes a towel through his damp blonde locks, sitting on the edge of the bed not too far from Yoongi.

"You've been sighing and so glum for the past two days, what's up with you?" He questions, turning his body to face the male. He doesn't get a response. "Are you still on about the Jimin thing?"

He receives nothing but a pursed lip and a small head nod, it's been 2 days since their small argument, or whatever that was, and Jimin still hadn't gotten back to him.

"You told him to message you when he's ready, maybe he's still not ready. Now stop sulking, it's weird on you." The blonde flings the plushie at his best friend, it hitting him square in the face.

Yoongi whines a bit, grabbing the toy and flinging it limply back at the other's head. Namjoon leans back and dodges it, but not without falling out of the bed and groaning when he hits the floor.

The taller gets up after a few moments, rubbing his slightly pained ass "I don't even get why you're being all pouty about this, do you like him?"

The ebonite scrunches up his nose "What? No. He's straight."

"Then get over it! He'll text you when he's ready, stop acting as if he's your boyfriend that's ignoring you."

"Listen here you rattus norvegicus--"

"Wow, disrespect me for trying to help you by calling me a rat."

The older seems to have lose all will to argue with him, sitting up in his spot on the bed and just staring down at his phone.

"What did you guys even argue about?"

"He discovered I was recently talking to his best friend and wanted me to choose between his best friend and him."

"Sounds like a dick." Namjoon voices his opinion, climbing onto the bed next to Yoongi. He slips the device out of his hands, looking at what he was looking at.

It's an opened chat, it displaying texts from what looks old but not that old, the contact name reading Jimin. "You're really acting as if you're going through a bad breakup." He mumbles, as he scrolls through the chat.

"He's not usually like that, he's really funny and jokes alot." Yoongi sighs, not saying anything about Namjoon going through his phone. "I just don't understand what got into him the other day."

Namjoon finally stops scrolling up after a while, lifting his head from the screen with a raised eyebrow directed at Yoongi.

"You sure he's straight?"

"Yes I'm sure, he told me himself and that he's uncomfortable with guys hitting on him."

"Well, he should be careful how he words things. Could've had me fooled." The younger says, handing Yoongi back his phone as he gets off of the bed. "Sounds more like a jealous boyfriend than anything else."

The older doesn't respond and just sighs and flops on his back, setting his phone to the side as he stares up at the ceiling.

"I'm so used to talking to him everyday, it feels so weird missing two days...."

As Namjoon stretches his arms he lifts an eyebrow "You sure you don't like him like that?"

"Yes! I'm sure! Stop asking me that." He is obviously getting annoyed at the repetitive question. He obviously didn't like him like that, it just felt weird not interacting with him at all.

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