Term 40

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To say Yoongi was nervous to finally see Jimin again after such a long time would be an understatement, he was absolutely petrified.

He was petrified to the point Namjoon had to drag him to his and Jimin's meeting spot, a pretty well known cafe in Seoul.

The place wasn't packed since it wasn't rush hour, but there are still so many people roaming the place.

Namjoon sighs as he takes a seat across from his anxious best friend, a cup of coffee in his hand.

He sets the cup down, clasping his hands together "Is this really the Min Yoongi I know?"

"Shut up."

"You're usually so smug and confident, now your hands are shaking as if you have Multiple Sclerosis."

Yoongi clicks his tongue at him, diverting his eyes out the window "Fuck off."

"Are you really just going to give me two worded answers."

"No," The older shakes his head. "One through four."

Namjoon sighs yet again, picking up his coffee and taking a quick sip from it, putting it back down in front of him.

"If you're scared he would reject you and ignore the idea of him possibly liking guys, just know I'll be seated not too far from you."

"You didn't just come here to drag me, did you?"

"Nope." The younger answers, grabbing his coffee and standing up from his seat. "I came to be your shoulder to cry on if things doesn't go well."

The ebonite raises an eyebrow at him "Who said I'll cry?"

"With the way you've been moping around lately I'll be suprised if you don't. But cry or not, just know I'm here." The blonde walks off after those last words, sitting on a chair by a table not too far from where Yoongi sat, just as he said.

The science student exhales as he goes deep in thought, staring down at the table he has his hands clasped on.

What if Jimin actually chose to ignore everything and proceeded to be "straight", would he actually cry like Namjoon said? Would he sulk forever? Or would he not care at all?

Couldn't be the last one for sure, he likes Jimin too much for him not to care, it would in fact sting him if not a little, a lot that the other rejected him.

He's pulled out of his thoughts when he hears a soft voice say his name, he looks up and is greeted by the face he knew all too well.

His body completely freezes up at the sight of the male, the brown haired male sitting in the seat across from him.

"Hey.... hyung..." Jimin says, and that snaps Yoongi out of it.

He starts to stand up "H-hey, do you want anything? I didn't order because I didn't know what you would like or hate. I can--"

Jimin hesitantly grabs him by the sleeve of his long sleeved top, shaking his head "No, I'm fine. I just want to talk and get this over with.

The older slowly takes his seat again, the other releasing his sleeve and putting his hands under the table.

It goes silent between the two as Jimin stares down at his lap, fidgeting here and there, the sounds of bustling customers, clinking of glass, mummering  and coffee brewing is heard.

Yoongi isn't going to rush him into talking though, he rather blow up with anxiousness than force the younger to speak up.

And after some time, he does.

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