Chapter VIII

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Just when Chloe couldn't think Beca's hatred for her could get any worse - it did. Living together was a nightmare. Beca was so awful to Chloe in every way. Beca was so distant towards her. Beca hardly spoke to the girl and made efforts to make sure that Chloe knew she hated her. Chloe found it so hard but thankfully, she still had her parent's support and Beca's dad's support. Chloe eventually told Aubrey who was close to ripping Beca's privates off and shoving them down her throat but Chloe was able to calm her best friend down. Just. Chloe tried to make efforts to get Beca to talk to her or engage with her in some way but Beca kept rejecting the redhead.

Beca hurt Chloe deeply but one thing Chloe held close to her heart was that they shared the same bed together and even though Beca turned away from Chloe when she went to sleep, the two would often gravitate towards each other and end up cuddling in some way. There were times where Chloe woke up to Beca spooning her and Chloe couldn't help but wonder what it would have been like to be in a relationship with Beca. To have her hold her throughout the night and protect her. Chloe often cuddled Beca, too. If she woke up cuddling Beca, she would slip away as to prevent getting yelled at or pushed away. However, if Beca was the one cuddling her, she wouldn't move at all. She pretended to be asleep until Beca woke up and moved herself. Part of Chloe wished Beca would come around after noticing how she cuddled Chloe but they never talked about it and it hurt.

When they went to school, Beca abandoned her and pretend like nothing was wrong and that things were "normal". Chloe used to wait for Beca after school so they could go home together but Beca always stayed behind or told Chloe to leave without her and after a while, Chloe gave up and went home by herself, more often than not crying. Beca began getting home later than usual. It was a very rare occurrence that Chloe would have dinner with Beca and her dad but most of the time, it was just Chloe and Beca's dad. When Beca eventually came home, she would always go on her laptop, put her headphones on, and work on her music or, she would just go to bed.

Chloe knew Beca did all of those things because she hated her but regardless, Chloe still wanted to try and she knew that Beca was stubborn. So, despite Beca treating Chloe as if she doesn't exist, Chloe tried to do things that she thought would make Beca like her even if it was just a little. Chloe was always nice to Beca and treated her well. She more often than not cooked for Beca, making sure to cook her favourite food whenever she thought Beca had a tough day. Unfortunately, no matter what Chloe did, Beca kept rejecting her and didn't care at all for Chloe's efforts.

Beca's dad was so ashamed of his daughter and embarrassed by her behaviour. There had been numerous times he had walked in on Chloe crying because of Beca. He did his best to comfort the girl and get some sense into Beca but his daughter was so stubborn and selfish. He didn't know what else to do except keep supporting Chloe and hoped that one day Beca would come to her senses. Chloe told Mr. Mitchell that she wasn't going to go to college since she wanted to focus on raising the baby. Mr. Mitchell (who was an English professor at Barden University) tried to convince Chloe to go since education was important but Chloe politely declined, stating that she wanted to focus on being there for her child, which Mr. Mitchell deeply admired her for and respected her decision.

As time went on, Beca and Chloe graduated high school without anyone knowing that Chloe was pregnant. Since Chloe fell pregnant around the middle of the school year, she had a little baby bump that she was able to hide by wearing baggy shirts and jackets. Beca thought once she graduated that she would be free. She had plans to go to L.A to become a music producer but her dad told her that she wasn't going anywhere and that she was to stay and look after Chloe and their baby. Beca was furious and hated Chloe even more. Beca was forced to get a full-time job to support her family and had to prepare to marry Chloe in due time. Beca got a job at a radio station, which paid surprisingly well and allowed Beca to play her music from time to time. Beca didn't think she would enjoy working but it was actually the highlight of her day. It gave her an automatic excuse not to see Chloe or spend time with her.

As good as it was that Beca had a job, Chloe and Mr. Mitchell grew concerned quite quickly since Beca kept coming home late and sometimes drunk. Mr. Mitchell tried talking to Beca about her behaviour and tried to get her to grow up and step up but Beca didn't care. Beca only cared about herself but Mr. Mitchell forced her to put herself aside when it was the day that Chloe was going to find out the sex of her baby. Beca didn't want to go but she was forced into it like most things regarding Chloe and their baby.

"Well, Miss Beale it looks like your having..." The obstetrician began as she moved the probe around Chloe's stomach. "A baby girl!"

"A girl?" Chloe automatically teared up as did her parents. "Beca, we're having a baby girl!"

Chloe reached out and grabbed Beca's hand excitedly. Beca flinched at the contact and went to pull away but Mr. Mitchell glared at her before she could.

"So proud of you, baby girl," Mr. Beale said wobbly, kissing his daughter's head.

"Thanks, daddy." Chloe wiped her tears as she looked at the monitor, falling completely and hopelessly in love with her baby rolling around in her belly.


Later that evening, Chloe went into her bedroom where Beca was working on her mixes as usual. They hadn't spoken much since the ultrasound but Chloe felt that it was important for them to discuss names now they knew they were having a girl.

"Hey, Beca?" Chloe began. "I think we should talk about baby names."

"I don't care, Chloe. Pick whatever name you want."

"I can't do that, Beca. It's our baby. You need to pick just as much as I do."

"I don't care, Chloe!" Beca snapped standing up from her seat, making Chloe jump. "Why do you have to keep pushing and pushing me? I don't care what you call the kid, okay? I don't want this! I never wanted this!"

"Beca, we're going to be a family!"

"I don't want to be a family! I don't like the idea of being a family and I don't like what's happened! I never have and I never will! So just leave me alone, okay? Pick whatever name you want."

Tears formed in Chloe's eyes but Beca didn't care. She just sat back at her desk and slipped her headphones on.

"You're such an asshole..." Chloe ran out of the room in tears but again, Beca didn't care and Chloe feared that she would never care.

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