the collision

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You glance up from your laptop at the sound of your name being called, grinning as you shut it. You shove it in your black bag before standing up, throwing the strap over your shoulder. Walking over to the counter, you smile at the barista. You take the cup of coffee from her, reviling in the warmth that the cup provides.

"Thanks," you say, bringing the cup to your lips.

"Have a nice day."

You nod at the barista before turning around, opening the flap of your bag to pull out your Philosophy book. You internally groan as you shuffle through your bag, walking toward the front door of the coffee shop. You keep your eyes downcast, your grip tightening on your cup.

"Damn it, why can't I—"

Your words are cut off when you smack into someone in front of you, the impact causing the lid to pop off of your coffee, the cup dropping right to the ground. You inhale sharply as the cup hits the tile of the coffee shop floor, immediately dropping to your knees to pick it up.

"I'm so sorry!" A voice says from above you. "I-I didn't see you and I—"

"It's okay!" You say, wrapping your hand around the now empty coffee cup. "I wasn't watching where I was going and I—"

"Here, let me help."

The stranger bends down, dropping a wad of napkins onto the ground, trying to clean up the coffee as best he can. You move your coffee cup out of the way, looking up to put a face to the voice.

The man is attractive. His hair is a soft brown, landing right above his shoulders. It's fluffy. His eyes flick up to yours—hazel. Your eyes travel down, admiring the slope of his nose and his pink lips. His jaw looks like it could cut glass. He's wearing a dark blue sweater, the collar of his dark blue shirt peeking out from underneath it. The strap of his brown bag runs across his torso. His lips turn up into a smile and he looks back down at the soggy napkins.

He grabs a handful of them before standing up. He holds a hand out, and you take it, letting him help you up off the ground. He discards the napkins in the trashcan next to you two before looking at you again.

"Can I buy you another cup of coffee? To make up for the one you just lost?" He asks, grabbing a couple more napkins to dry off his hands. He throws those away, too, sticking his hands in his pockets.

Your lips turn up in the corners and you nod. "Uh, sure. Yeah."

"My name is Spencer, by the way," he says, the two of you walking over to the line.

"I'm Y/n." You grip the strap of your bag, glancing over at Spencer. "Sorry, again, for running into you."

"I think it was both of our faults, just a little bit," Spencer says, grinning at you.

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