the park

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If there is any Maeve slander this chapter I will 🔪

If there is any Maeve slander this chapter I will  🔪BE NICE

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You stop walking across the quad, turning around, clutching the strap of your bag. "Oh, Dr. Thompson! Hi!"

Your advisor strolls over to you, his hands stuffed into his pockets. "How are you?"

You look at your middle-aged advisor, a small smile on your face. "I'm good. Actually, I'm great."

"How's your dissertation going? You haven't given me an update in a while."

"It's good! I'm almost done, actually. Well, not officially almost done—just almost done with the first draft and then I have to edit, of course."

Dr. Thompson smiles. "Send me an updated version; I'll see if I can help peer-review."

"Thanks, Dr. Thompson."

He puts a hand on your shoulder, giving it a squeeze. "You're almost done, kid!"

"Yes, I am." You grin at your advisor. "Okay, I have to go, but I'll email you my dissertation later."

"Alright, Y/n. Have a good day."

"You, too."

Turning around, you start walking across the quad, utterly surprised when you see Spencer standing at the edge of the cart, two coffees in hand. He's wearing a dark blue sweater and some dark slacks, his Converse on his feet. He lifts his gaze up from the ground, hazel eyes landing on you, his lips immediately turning into a smile. Your own giddy smile feel like it's breaking your face, eyes lighting up as you walk over to him.

"This," he says, holding out one of the coffees, "is for you."

You take the coffee, hand wrapping around the warm cup. "Thank you. This is a surprise; I didn't know you were gonna show up after my class."

"Are you busy? I-I can go if you need me to."

"No, no! I'm happy to see you."

And it's true—you are happy to see him. It had been a week since the incident in your apartment, when Spencer had fallen asleep on you. You two had talked, but he'd been too busy to see you.

He laces his fingers with yours as you begin walking, no destination in mind. Just walking. "I wanted to, um, apologize for what happened the other week."

"No, bubs, don't apologize." You stop walking, turning toward him. Your eyes search his. "You can't apologize for feeling things."

"I feel like a burden," he mutters.

"You're not." You stand up on your tiptoes, pressing a firm kiss to his lips.

He smiles into the kiss before kissing you back, pulling away after a moment. He doesn't say anything, the two of you resuming your walk. You take a sip of your coffee, your lips turning up into a small smile at the taste. Black coffee with hazelnut creamer. Your usual order.

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