the recovery

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warnings: mentions of drug addiction, choking, nsfw

warnings: mentions of drug addiction, choking, nsfw

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"How're you feeling today, bubs?"

Spencer pulls you closer to him, nuzzling his face in your hair. "I feel good."

"How's your pain?" You murmur, keeping your head in his chest.

"Not too bad. My stomach actually doesn't really hurt."

You smile into his chest. "Good."

It's been a couple weeks since Spencer got shot—a couple of painful weeks for him. You still hadn't asked him about the pain medication; you figured he'd tell you when he's ready. You'd basically been living with him for the past couple weeks, helping to take care of him. Occasionally, members of his team would come by to help and see Spencer, and that just meant you got to get closer to his family.

You look up at him, his hazel eyes meeting yours. "I'm gonna go make you coffee. Stay here."

He plants a soft kiss to your forehead. "Okay, pretty girl."

You smile before detangling yourself from Spencer's arms and getting out of bed. You stretch as you walk, grabbing one of Spencer's sweaters as you walk into the kitchen. Turning on his Keurig, you make two cups of coffee. To Spencer's, you add a bunch of sugar, and for you, just hazelnut creamer. Surprisingly, you had found some in Spencer's fridge the day you brough him back from the hospital. You guess he'd bought it for you, just in case.

You stir both coffees before carefully walking the mugs into Spencer's room. He sits up slowly before taking the cup from you. You take a long sip of your coffee before sitting next to him, snuggling next to his side. He wraps an arm around you, and you turn your head to look at him.

He takes a sip of his coffee. "Thank you."

You press a kiss to his cheek before pulling away. "Anytime, bubs."

You two drink your coffees in silence, Spencer occasionally resting his hand on your thigh, rubbing small patterns in your pajama pants. It's been nice staying with him. All throughout his recovery, you two had watched movies and eaten take out. But most of all, you'd gotten to know more about him. His favorite food is Indian. He loves Halloween. He was hospitalized when he was two because he fell off a bridge—he wanted to see if he could fly. He can't swim. He can't cook, either. His favorite book is The Narrative of John Smith by Arthur Conan Doyle—and the copy he carries around with him all the time is one Maeve gave to him. He'd shown it to you, including the inscription on the inside cover of the book. He actually finally talked to you about her, in depth.

It doesn't make you jealous, though. You can't do it. It's not fair to him—to be jealous of a dead woman. The way he talks about her, it's obvious he loved her. And he lost her before they had even begun. They didn't even have a chance. It makes you sad to think of Spencer like that—how heartbroken he must've been. And that makes you want to be there for him more than ever.

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