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[✓] we're all just a little lonely ~ hc by easthet1c
[✓] we're all just a little east
Even in a world where almost everyone is born with a whym, an otherworldly ability, there are still people who feel alienated in this strange, superhuman society. Grian...
Hermitcraft SmutShots (and ideas for books) by iCloud-64bit
Hermitcraft SmutShots (and ideas iCloud-64bit 😁
Welp, it's time for author's block to step in and let me write some random shi- no. I'm just out of ideas for my other book so I'm writing this and reading more for insp...
Hermitcraft Drabbles by EminenceGhost
Hermitcraft Drabblesby EminenceGhost
A nice place to dump my low-quality works. Most of these are from when I'm in a super fluffy/flangsty or Bdoc mood. (Which is why 90% of this is just Bdoc trash) I also...
Hermitcraft Oneshots by Xanthicat
Hermitcraft Oneshotsby Xanthicat
Ships: Grian/Mumbo, Bdubs/Doc, Beef/Etho, Ren/Iskall, Cub/Scar Just a collection of hermitcraft oneshots and stories set at various different times in season seven and e...
Hermitcraft/Empires SMP Oneshots! by _PhantomRoses_
Hermitcraft/Empires SMP Oneshots!by _PhantomRoses_
Just a bunch of random oneshots from hermitcraft, empires or the life series ranging from cringe confession fics to random angst. -- There WILL be shipping without a...
[COMPLETED] hermitcraft oneshots & drabbles by characterized-cheese
[COMPLETED] hermitcraft characterized-cheese
[NOW COMPLETED] Read the intro chapter for more info and details :)) includes some shipping! minecraft personas only. no smut
Hermitcraft Season 9 Oneshots || COMPLETE by CloudWriterGrey
Hermitcraft Season 9 Oneshots || -- INACTIVE --
Oneshots from Hermitcraft Season 9! Expect fluff! Expect angst! Expect ships! Expect funky AUs! Expect brainrot! Expect the unexpected! Please read the introduction ch...
Hermitcraft Oneshots and Other Things I guess by NinjaKitty1928
Hermitcraft Oneshots and Other (basically on a writing hiatu...
Welcome to me spilling out my brain onto a computer. I have no idea what this is. I plan to do some oneshots and stuff. I don't have too much of a plan for this, I might...
BdoubleO100 x Docm77 Oneshots (HermitCraft 7) [COMPLETED!] by Casuallyy
BdoubleO100 x Docm77 Oneshots ( inactive account :)
Did I make an entire oneshot book dedicated to the Hermitcraft Bdoc ship? Of course I did! Mostly fluff, persona shipping only.
Hermitcraft Oneshots by EminenceGhost
Hermitcraft Oneshotsby EminenceGhost
⚠️The early oneshots are kinda shit⚠️ A collection of random oneshots! This is mostly going to be Bdoc, and you're all just going to have to deal with that! But in all s...
Hermitcraft & MCYT Oneshots and Fics by CloudWriterGrey
Hermitcraft & MCYT Oneshots and -- INACTIVE --
A collection of Hermitcraft and MCYT fics! Shipping will be present, please read the introduction chapter for additional info!
[✓] roadtrip ~ hc by easthet1c
[✓] roadtrip ~ hcby east
What Xisuma wanted to come out of his little competition was some kindness to his community, a good 200 bucks for a local charity of the winners choosing. What he didn't...
and the stars will be their guides (hermitcraft space au) by YourLocalWillowTree
and the stars will be their Blu Willow
Etho is a runaway, a stowaway, and most importantly, an alien on a human ship. He's so dead. --- When Etho decides to board a random spaceship to get away from his home...
Hermitcraft S8 Oneshots { Completed} by WelshKitsune
Hermitcraft S8 Oneshots { Wren
Hello lovelies , Welsh here and welcome to another hermitcraft oneshot book, in this book I'll be writing mainly hermitcraft/Recap oneshots ,fluff ,angst and hurt /comfo...
{DISCONTINUED}[•Hermitcraft Oneshots•] by NoNamedNerd
{DISCONTINUED}[•Hermitcraft .
>>Be prepared >>WARNING: May include sensitive topics such as; NSFW, gore, and other sensitive/touchy/mature topics.
Hermits Incorrect Quotes by captainmarra1099
Hermits Incorrect Quotesby Capt. Cinnabun :]
This is a book on my AUs shenanigans put into quotes. Some of them I've made myself, others I've gotten from a generator, and some I got from a generator and edited to m...
Swing Set AU; A Bdoc Oneshots Collection by EminenceGhost
Swing Set AU; A Bdoc Oneshots EminenceGhost
A collection of Bdoc oneshots following two friends who haven't seen each other in years. The oneshots will be in chronological order and most of them will be fluff. It'...
Hermitcraft Onehots by FluffyBella5
Hermitcraft Onehotsby Bella Newton
REQUESTS ARE CLOSED THIS BOOK IS FINISHED HErmitcraft Oneshots. That sums it up. Actually it doesn't sum it up... My OC is in this Swearing involved No citrus Have fun ...
Ghosted (Zels Supernatural AU) by EminenceGhost
Ghosted (Zels Supernatural AU)by EminenceGhost
Wels meets Zedaph at a Halloween party, and it feels like love at first sight. But after a week of no communication, he realizes that he's been ghosted. Although, he doe...
The Villain and Hero (A Hermitcraft AU Rewrite) by kcaffrey23
The Villain and Hero (A purple_
Doc is a Villain. Bdubs is a Hero. What else should happen but love?