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Fallin' for the Speedster || Wally West|| #Wattys2017 by Litteral_Trash
Fallin' for the Speedster || Briz
*under Editing Brea and Wally are best friends, they have been since they were little. Every one has always told them that they would make the cutest couple, or end up g...
My Nerd | Winn Schott | Book 1 by Exhausted_Emily
My Nerd | Winn Schott | Book 1by emily
A story about an alien who falls for the IT guy. 》 "You may be a nerd, but you're *my* nerd." 》 Skylar Jackson is an Alien. Kryptonian to be exact. But Skylia...
Plants vs Zombies Heroes Friendships by destinye70007
Plants vs Zombies Heroes King Caesar
The plants and zombies heroes have stopped fighting each other and became friends. They bring peace and joy to the world.
Turning Over a New Leaf - A New Corruption has Begun by destinye70007
Turning Over a New Leaf - A New King Caesar
When the war with the Plants and Zombies fighting each other, things doesn't feel right. There was no peace, no friendship, no nothing. The Smash feel like something was...
Green Shadow x Reader (PVZ) (PVZ Heroes) by Mi11enniumD0ct0rWh0
Green Shadow x Reader (PVZ) (PVZ Millennium Doctor Who
Y/N was a Gardener, who was being chased by Zombies, But they are no match to L.E.A.F Heroes! When he met Green Shadow, my goodness, what a couple. I DO NOT OWN THE CHAR...
Solar Flare Apocalypse by Superduper2per
Solar Flare Apocalypseby Superduper2per
The world is being bombarded by massive solar flares. Now there is no electricity, and no more food in the stores. Everything has been turned upside down and backwards 2...
what if party and kobra had sisters by midnight_phantomjoy
what if party and kobra had sistersby midnight phantom
this is a story where party poison, and kobra kid had twin sisters that they forgot about them but is that why or does korse have something to do with it
Eeveelution squad AU what might have happened if Leaf was Speed's girl friend by ReinTheDarkness0
Eeveelution squad AU what might Rein
This is not my story its pkm-150 and these ain't my characters, I am just going to make a story about Leaf and Speed in love and I don't own pokemon or this art at all n...
Speedster. ||Wally West X OC Short Stories|| by Litteral_Trash
Speedster. ||Wally West X OC Briz
The official unofficial sequel to "Fallin for the speedster." This book contains short stories of Brea and Wally! There life after the events of the book, duri...
The crazy night  by Bayboy50
The crazy night by Bayboy50
A pvz story about solar flare and nightcap going on a night out.
pvz ships im against by GarbageName
pvz ships im againstby BlackOpsGrief
Lazy work, although i hate these ships, most of my followers (pvz) ship em
Night cap X Solar flare by Gamingfan1935
Night cap X Solar flareby Gamingfan
A plants vs zombies heroes romance story!
Flaming Hearts (A Captain America X Reader) by ThatSTRANGEMarvelite
Flaming Hearts (A Captain I Like Blonde Guys
this is a rewrite of my story Solar Flare (a Captain America X Reader)
Heroes in the house of mouse by ScampiP
Heroes in the house of mouseby Carol's World
Green Shadow and her gang are heading to the house of mouse for a special school trip crazy Dave has planned. But Dr. Zomboss and his group are coming, so is supertato a...
My favourite mlp parodies and my versions by TeamMelodies
My favourite mlp parodies and my TeamMelodies
This is just, 'do you want to see the moon rise' and 'luna's let it go' and celestia's versions if she was the younger, ENJOY!
Scorching by HyacinthRiver
Scorchingby River
Seven years ago the leaders of this world found a way onto the sun. Ever since then its been nothing but death rays of sun.
The End of the Universe by XxDarkMoonlightxX
The End of the Universeby Witchy
Published April 7th ********* The universe is thought to be endless, always expanding. But that is not true, in a drifting ship to see how far we could go there was a ba...
Wall-knight's love for Green shadow  by Gamingfan1935
Wall-knight's love for Green Gamingfan
Or Penelopea if you've known already!! Anyways the second plants vs zombies heroes romance story! And I hope you enjoy it!!