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This contains slight? spoilers for the main archon/story quests from Liyue.
So if u haven't done those and wanna avoid spoilers then please proceed with caution...

You've been warned 🐸

Modern AU. Where they have modern stuff duh 💃

The room had gone dark. The only light provided came from the television and that little light in the a.c. that says how high or low the temperature is. The a.c. was on and it was fairly cold, which Childe didn't like.

He felt on edge, and despite the coldness of the room him and Zhongli were in, he felt hot. The reason wasn't because of a fever or anything, he was simply feeling 'needy', again.

Zhongli could tell whenever he would get like this because he'd always start trying to get close just so he could touch Zhongli. And he would also be pretty persistent and rough when he's like this too.

Zhongli always described this state of Childe as being almost the same as an animal in heat, except more discretely and less pushy. Much less use of his brain is also something that seems to happen, although Zhongli says it's not a rare case to not see Childe do that on the regular.

Zhongli didn't pay much mind to Childe, he watched television and could tell Childe was lurking and sneaking his way closer yet didn't care enough to move his head to even see what the ginger was doing.

Childe crept from behind and then grabbed one of Zhongli's shoulder, biting it then backing away as much as he could to the head of the bed, eventually knocking his own head on it and trying his best not to yell or curse suddenly.

Since Zhongli didn't react to the bite, Childe decided to try again, this time coming up behind Zhongli's neck and bitting it.

"Mhh..." Zhongli hummed due to the feeling. Although he tried his best to not make any sound at all, to avoid Childe's current state to get any worse, he let a simple hum slip through his mouth.

Childe took note of the sound and decided that instead of backing away, he'd try again to see how Zhongli would react. As he did so Zhongli had then flinched then sighed, he turned his head to face Childe and finally opened his mouth to speak...

"Childe...Do you need something?"

"No...Just you." He bit him again, to which this time Zhongli responded with closing his eyes.

The brunette bit his lip slightly, he then opened his eyes and looked at Childe again.

"You won't let me sleep until I say yes, let me guess-"

"Correct. You're so smart Sensei~"

Zhongli sighed... "Sometimes, I swear you're like some kind of dog... Always so 'ruff'...Haha-"


"Get it? Because like- A dog goes 'ruff' and you...Never mind-"

"Pretty please Sensei?~ I'll repay you with something good, I promise.." He gave Zhongli puppy dog eyes and pouted...

"Literally like a needy dog in heat or something- Thirsty dog..." He sighed then turned to face the ginger... "Fine, but...Don't be so rough...I have an important meeting with one of the directors from work tomorrow."

"Hmm...Fine- Gentle it is."

"And no leaving marks anywhere, please-"

"Aww- You're such a fun sponge!!"



Childe immediately laid Zhongli back down, proceeding to climb on top of him and lean in for a passionate kiss. He was so on edge that he didn't want to waste any time, so as he explored the inside of Zhongli's mouth with his tongue, he began to unbutton his shirt, swiftly.

He pulled away as he revealed Zhongli's chest to himself, then looked at Zhongli, who seemed to have a very serious look on his face...


"Childe, no. You agreed to my terms, stick to them or I'll just go sleep on the couch."

"You're so cruel- But, fine..."

He then proceed to take off his own shirt, along with him and Zhongli's pants. He lifted Zhongli's legs and put them up on his shoulders, then proceeded to tease the brunette by rubbing the bulge in his underwear, making small sounding moans escape him.

He smirked, knowing that Zhongli would get turned on and wouldn't resist anything. Childe wanted so desperately to leave love marks on Zhongli. He'd enjoy looking at the hickeys in his neck whenever he saw Zhongli pass by, being completely proud and aware that he's the one who did that.

If he managed to make Zhongli feel almost as desperate as him, he'd be able to do what he wanted, once the brunette turned into a submissive mess below him.

As Zhongli's moans grew louder, Childe's expectations grew also, fully hoping that his plan would work. Zhongli closed his eyes and tossed his arms over Childe's neck, pulling him closer into a kiss.

Childe would slowly trace the kiss down to his neck, making sure the brunette wouldn't complain at all about it. He managed to do as he planned, sucking and leaving marks just like he wanted...

"Childe!~ D-don't leave any...Ngh~ ..m-marks..."

"Sorry Sensei...You're just so tasty, I couldn't resist~" His hot breath would send a shiver down Zhongli's spine as he talked.

Childe continued his actions, then going down to Zhongli's chest, leaving it all marked, a lot more than his neck. Zhongli would complain between moans, but would also ask for more, and of course Childe chose to follow only one of those orders.

He went down to Zhongli's legs, bitting his thighs and leaving big, very visible bite marks on them. Zhongli was a mess, he couldn't even form sentences from all the noise he was making, yet it was all music to Childe's ears.

He stopped to look at what he'd done. Looking down at Zhongli and memorizing the spots where it looked like bite marks were missing so he could go back and leave plenty more.

Meanwhile, Zhongli was taking a few seconds to breath and calm down, he knew that this thirsty dog wouldn't stop, and would continue teasing the brunette until much later, so he just decided to not meddle and hope that all those marks wouldn't be visible tomorrow...

Childe smirked, Zhongli shivered and they both said simultaneously...

"Those are going to be seen by a lot of people..."

"Thirsty dog..."

"Pretty kitten~"



Please excuse any spelling mistakes and stuff!

I made a reference to something, if you can guess what it is I- Idk I'll give you cookies fabskcowuf

Hint: Has to do with the word "dog", mentioned in this oneshot, but change 'dog" to something else and you'll get it :>

I hope you enjoyed, I tried not to rush it too much but ik y'all have been waiting for this for a while so, I also tried to hurry as much as possible-

K bai! 🐸🌸

Word count: 1155

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