-Camboy AU-

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Haha- Didn't know what else to tittle this... It's what the tittle says so like, what other confusion could there be? 🤨
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Anyways- Zhongli's a camboy, bla bla bla- Story plot and whatever idk man.

•Camboy AU/Modern AU :]
•Smut (implied)
•Part 1/2



  Once again Childe found himself looking at that damned man's page. Trying to see if any new update would give him just a single hint of where he can at least try finding this man. He was desperate, not only hard, therefore desperate for pleasure, but also desperate in knowing who this man could be.

  On a night "like no other", the ginger found himself in a tough situation, alone in his apartment with no one to pleasure his erected member. His first thought was to open up his laptop and watch some frisky videos of girls and whatnot. Yet to his surprise the video that called his attention was one of a man.

He watched the video, and became so enticed by it that he couldn't resist looking up more information on this person. He found out they had their own private page where you had to pay for more exclusive and/or personal pictures. Childe, being the rich male he is, decided that it would be perfectly fine.

From this moment onward, Childe has lost himself completely. Not only did he discover something about his own sexuality, he also realized he had the fattest crush on a potential porn star yet knew nothing about them personally.

It made him feel slightly underwhelmed, the knowing that he wasn't special. Just another mere whore who wants to see pictures and videos of a guy touching himself.

  As if to make matters worse and less easy for the poor harbinger, in the videos, the man has the strangest get up that Childe has ever seen. It seems as though the man choses to dress up as an ancient god, with strange horns/antlers, a white hood that, conveniently, only covers around his head, yet leaves his chest revealed to the public eye. And lastly, the thing that strikes out the most, was the fact that the person's arms were always painted black with some kind of yellow or orange stripes.

  Childe had figured out that he must have been paying some type of homage to a god when he saw a recreation of the fabled "gnosis" on one of the desks in one video of this man's. In old times when gods did supposedly roam the land, a gnosis was their source of power straight from Celestia, to put it simply.

Although the fatui harbingers are supposed to be very verse in studies about ancient gods, Childe really didn't care much for that. He'd go as far as saying the studies don't interest him and half of the time he doesn't agree with the rest of the harbingers, so he dislikes them. He only decided to stay alongside the Tsaritsa and her agency due to his own conveniences.

So as of currently, the knowledge he wished to not acquire completely, due to his own personal gain, about the gods of Teyvat is something that he regrets not having. But, as he rewatches the video to catch any type of idea as to what he can figure out, he remembered that he has friends who can most likely help.

So Childe jumps up from his chair, closing his laptop and getting his keys to leave his apartment almost immediately. The way he has to go would take him a few hours to get there, so he started calling an Inn to make sure he could stay at least a week.


Finally, after an almost four hour long drive, he arrived at Liyue, in Wangshu Inn where he made his way to his room and then went to get some food after the long ride.

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