-Sinful Indulgence-

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I kinda got the idea from my discord dad so... Hi request!

Yes, the title of this story is inspired by obey me and mainly Asmodeus because I'm unoriginal and he reminds me of an incubus cuz he probably is one. Idk I'm on like chapter 4-

Speaking of incubus...
This story contains:
•Demon Childe x priest Zhongli (AU) >:)
•Two part story. (1/2)
•Kinda religious talk ig?? Idfk man.
•Lots of sinning from a "holy" man
•smut ofc
Bro I need to call Zhongli "father" or sum shit? Y'all better not make jokes or I will sob.

Please excuse any spelling errors or typos in advance! I'm on a laptop so it's harder for me to proofread <3


On a seemingly normal morning, Zhongli got out of bed and started his usual morning routine. Once out of bed he heads straight to his bathroom, does whatever it is he needs to do, and then showers. Except for today, something was off. When he walked into the bathroom and passed by the mirror, he could've sworn he saw the reflection of something...Perhaps an odd shadow?

He had a bad feeling. A sudden shiver went down his spine as he continued to walk and do his necessities. As he prepares himself for a shower he shakes whatever thoughts he had in his head and just focused his mind on clear thoughts. The feeling of dread suddenly left after a while, and he continued with the rest of his morning routine as usual.

Throughout the day he was reminiscent of that odd experience in his bathroom, but he doesn't think about it too much as his pure mind is easily put at rest once he simply thinks of the divine that he oh so worships. He has never gotten such a deep and almost threatening feeling before, and he had not felt it again for the remainder of his day. He was at ease with knowing that perhaps it was a one-time thing and that he'd never have to experience it again...

Or so he thinks. The next day comes, it's 4 in the morning. He wakes up early to get started for his morning routine and since he has to get ready for a church meeting later. But, as he wakes up, that same feeling of dread lingers in his room. He refuses to move, just glaring around the place and wondering what on earth is happening before seeing a similar shadow like the one he saw last time run across the room.

Alarmed, he jumps up from bed, closing his eyes to clear his mind as he thinks he must be going crazy. Yes, going nuts... He tries his best to shake it off but soon starts to hear a voice. Once again alarmed, he freezes before feeling hot, almost burning hands touching his shoulders.

"No need to act so tense... Or scared. I won't hurt you" A strange voice says from behind him, coming from a figure whose lips came close to be up against Zhongli's ear. Whispering in a teasing voice that only made the brunet even more alarmed. He didn't respond, just stood there in silence and remained frozen in place.

"Cat got your tongue?... I said I won't hurt you. But, I can't promise I won't bite..."

Zhongli could feel the figure smirk against his skin as it got closer to his neck, making his eyes widen but none of this being enough to trigger his flight or fight response just yet. He felt arms wrap around his waist, as he looked down to focus on the figure's hands he saw long, dark nails that seemed like they could easily pierce through his skin if they so wished to. This finally made him at least utter a few words.

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