Chapter 6

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Felix pov

A whole week of me being in this school and I find this place to be a cage rather than a classroom. Lila and all her false words and made up lies are rather sickening to listen too. I mean i always get a headache around her. This class is full with a bunch of brainless people all of them falling for the liars words. I keep my distance from her as much as possible, even going as never stepping foot in the cafeteria again and just hiding out in the library reading books.

I have also noticed Marinette Dupein Cheng cold behavior, like she just doesn't care anymore about life. I really wanted to just talk to her and see if I could bring colour to her once blue electric eyes that are now cold and dulled out. I don't even know why I wanted to comfort her so badly. I just feel a link to her a pull to her. Like Yang with no Ying for me. I don't even know her and i really can't explain the feelings at all except for that few words.

I am going to go through the rest of my days with no contact with anyone here. I will be better of with just that.

Meanwhile while as time flies by Plagg remains with Adrien. Seeing as Adrien is no longer willing to be Chat noir and protect Paris. He is left confuse on what to do from here on out. With no holder of the black cat miraculous he has no purpose. No belonging. With no Master Fu he only has one person left to turn to Ladybug/ Marinette but he feels a pull to another. Another potential holder for the black cat miraculous.

Plagg not willing to mistaken him self to another decided to hand over the miraculous to Ladybug as it is safer. Later that night he leaves a note saying goodbye to Adrien and removes the black cat miraculous from his hand leaving into night heading straight to Marinette's place at Dupount bakery. As much as he is wayed down in regret he knows this is the right choice he can't help but linger of for a while needing time to himself so he decides to take a day to himself before going to Marinette with the black cat miraculous.


Marinette pov

Today I am telling them. I am telling my parents, I put it of from telling them last week because of delay shootings but today is the first day of my participation for the Spring fashion peak with the new model from London. That is if I get their on time. School just let out and I only have less than eight minutes to get to the park and get all my make up done and clothes on.

Felix pov

I wonder who the mystery model is. I heard she is the latest hit in model history to front page magazines and no one truly knows her real name. She is a complete mystery which is why she was selected for the shoots. Both our identities is not be released in this photo shoots. We are both to be Mysteries to the eyes of everyone. Even those who do our touch ups and the set up crew.

I don't mind this though I find it rather interesting to be hidden in such way to the eyes of the world. This is also my first time modelling for a photo shoot.

"Five minutes, move, move, I want this set up done, quickly, quickly ! " the director of the set screams out to everyone in set.

I just sit their letting the make up crew do their final touch ups on me as we wait for the female lead to show up.

No one's pov

"where is she? The female lead is not here yet and we start the photo shoot in six minutes" one if the directors say

Vincent: she will be here and it doesn't take that long to do touch ups of make up on her. She already quite beautiful that its not even needed. You will see she will make this whole place shine with her exquisite beauty like a true star of the night.

Director: yeah, yeah you have been talking about her beauty for months now we know okay.

Vincent: ohh i see her! She is at west entrance she is heading to her stall to change I will just do the touch ups of her make up quickly, bye.

Few minutes later Vincent returns with a girl walking with him through and around the set to help get a feel for the shoot.

But when she does come over to be introduced to the male lead role working with her. A gasp leaves her as she sets eyes on her fellow classmate and he picks up his head to see her face he too is also a bit taken by seeing her.

Felix and Marinette: You!!!

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