Chapter 7

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Marinette: you?

Felix: well isn't this is a cheeky surprise now ain't it Miss Dupien Cheng.

Marinette: quite you! No one even knows my real identity here so please do me a favor and keep it a secret please.

Felix was about to reply but they were being called into places for the camera men.

Camera man one: okay okay, so this photo shoot is about young love in Paris. I want you to show love in your eyes think about something you both love then look towards each other. I want it to collide with your surroundings the wheather, the plants, the fountain. This park must relate to the people of Paris. Love is in the air got it?
First i will take some single shoots of you two then the two of you paired up together.

It went on like this for a while photo's being taken at different angle's camera's flashing. Poses changing by the time the photo shoot ended the sun was setting. Marinette and Felix didn't get to talk much during the shoot but they both knew this was going to be a page turner for them both.

Marinette pov

I can't believe it I singed a contract to co-model with another mystery model and that mystery model is the boy I sit next to in class. 

By the end of the photo shoot I barely had any time to speak to Felix because i had to rush back home and tell my parents about this modeling deal of mine. I just really hope they don't feel judgy on this.

Felix pov

The bluebell eyes girl from class is a secret model. Who would of thought that but she does have the looks and figure to pull it of. Well at least I am grateful I don't have to model with one those clingy type girls. Marinette probably wants to keep this a secret as well. Although I could use this as an advantage on my side. I guess me and miss Dupien Cheng are going to be seeing a lot more of each other from now on.

Marinette pov

"Mum! Papa! I want you to know this was my totally my choice okay and i don't qant you to feel i was forced into this okay?" Marinette says to her parents.

Sabine: all right honey, what is it you wanted to tell us?

Marinette: well I have sort of taken up a job to help pay some bills around here.

Tom: yes honey you have told us thus before. A design keeper you said.

Marinette: actually that wasn't entirely true. It has to do with designs but not me designing. I am sort of wearing the designs.

Sabine: what do mean dear?

Tom: we are not following sweetheart. What do you mean wearing the designs?

Sabine: honey, is this...

Marinette: no no wait let me finish explaining. I am... I are... I am modelling. I... I just signed of on a new contract for the latest Spring peak fashion show here in Paris.

Sabine and Tom: What!!? modelling!

Marinette: yes, actually I have been doing this for a while. It is great pay and by the end of my latest contract we could use the money to pay of all the bills around here.

Sabine:  ohhh my baby. You didn't have to do this. We could manage on our own. You just have to live your life with joy and happiness not carry our burdens and worries.

Tom: sweetheart she's right. You didn't have to do this for us.

Marinette: but I wanted too. Plus this could also help me in my future to become a fashion designer. See my pictures already made so many front page magazines. I am known as the Mystery Bluenette of Paris. This could help me become more noticed in the fashion world and it makes me feel more confident of myself.

Sabine: oh baby. I am so proud of you.  (she gets up to hug Marinette)

Marinette: thank you mama

Tom: my beautiful baby girl already the talk of Paris. Ohh why did you have to grow up so fast.

Marinette giggles at his words and Sabine just rolls her eyes saying come here and just give your daughter a warm hug to support her on her decision.

Tom gets up and grabs them both in his tight embrace saying "my baby girl if any boys start to worry you i be all fists out."

"and i will be going after them with a rolling pin and knives. If they try anything on my sweet baby girl" Sabin Dupien Cheng says.

Marinette smiles and releases a happy sigh knowing fully well her parents support her choices so far.

Tom: so who wants to go get some ice cream. Family treat!

Marinette and Sabine: Mee!! (at the same time they both have sweet tooth)

Tom: of course, should of known Mother like daughter. Sweet tooth!

Sabine and Marinette: hey, don't judge!

Tom laughs at the pouts he receives from the two women.

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