Chapter 9

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Chloe pov

I have just returned from my trip to New York and I have recently found out that the reason my mother had ask me to come to New York with her was because of Marinette. Marinette told my mother about how much I wanted to spend time with my mum and how much I had really missed her and now me and my mum don't go an hour with out chatting to one another face calls and texts every hour of the day.

I have been in New York for almost two and half years and i am now ready to move on from past traits. I know I used to be mean to everyone and a real spoilt brat but i want to start over. Begin a fresh start, turn over a new leaf. Starting with apologizing to everyone. I already apologized to the staff members back at the hotel now its my turn to apologize to my classmates.

Which why I stand here and now right in front of my form class next to miss Bustier desk. Well here we go.

" okay.. (phew)Good morning everyone. It's nice to see all of you again. I just i umm i just wanted to... To apologize for everything I have done to each and everyone of you. I am sorry for picking on all of you. I am sorry for all the bratty name calling and mocking. I really want to be better to start over and be good person to everyone. I understand if you can't look past all my wrongs but if you just give me a chance you'll see"

I didn't want to look up so I kept my head down until I heard something that shocked me but also made me feel broken.

Alya: are you kidding me she is lying! She is a liar just like that Marinette at the back of the class. She just...

Nino: silence Alya!

The whole was shocked at Nino screaming at his girlfriend like this and just stared at the scene.

Nino: just stop. This is over you said it yourself I am not worth your time as a boyfriend so i am drawing the line. You can't go around picking on people and being the cause to all these problems. You have chosen to side with Lila and look what has become of you. You turned against your own best friend you pick on people who apparently not up to your standards and now you are picking on Chloe who is trying to make a change. I... I don't know who you are any more. Your gone so bad that I can't..., I feel like I am losing myself around you and not in a good way. Why don't you find a new more higher standard boy to date i am done. I can't take it no more. I am gonna sit in the back Ivan you can sit with Adrien.

With that he went to the back and Ivan sat with Adrien while Lila sat with a pug face Alya who didn't let a tear drop all she said was.

Alya: you are right Nino, you are to pathetic for me!

Chloe stood there dumb founded until miss Bustier walked in and told her to take a seat next to Nino and the rest of the time class was so silent that all you heard were Miss Bustier teaching of English Poems.

Marinette pov

I wanted to say something but I could see it would only make things worse so all I did was wait for bell to ring after third period and ran to Nino's side and gave him a small hug but to which he cried on my shirt as he gripped me into a tight hug as well and he kept apologizing for how stupid he was just wanting to stay loyal to Alya and keep his girlfriend happy.

I understood this he loved Alya and always wanted to keep her happy. He would of done anything for her and now he knows how much of mistakes he had made that I just couldn't help but feel bad for him and forgive him a little.

Felix pov

Well that was eventful looks like that blogger girl got what she deserved she got dumped.

Adrien pov

How could Nino do that he could of caused an akuma. He is such an idiot doesn't anyone understand just go with Lila's lies it's not hurting anyone.

Marinette pov

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