Chapter 13

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Lila's pov

There is no sign of Marinette or Felix hmp and i was planning to cause a little trouble before class with Mari-trash looks i can use to my advantage.

Lila raises her hand to speak to miss Mendelieve.

"Yes, what is it miss Rossi?"

Lila: well mam I've noticed that the new boy uhmm what was his name ohh right Felix is not in class he might be a bit lost mam. Should i go out and look for him he may be wondering the halls looking for the right class all alone. Ohh also mam Marinette is not present as well.

"I have been informed that both Miss Dupien Cheng and Mister Graham Devanily will not be present for the next three periods already. Both their guardian's have excused them from school saying they both shall only return in perhaps the sixth or seventh period. Now if that is all i will be continuing on with my lesson.

That was harsh i really hate this teacher, i can't even cause any trouble in her class she is always so strict and hands out detention to any disturbance but i wonder where Felix and Mari-trash really are. I guess i am just gonna have some fun and use this to break poor little old Marinette a lot more.

Marinette pov

I beat Felix back to school he hadn't even come out of the studio yet when Penny and i drove of. As i was making my way up the stairs though i noticed him walking along on the streets.

Marinette: did you walk back all the way here?

Felix : oh no i got the driver to drop me of two blocks away. I needed a walk to clear my mind a bit before going into hell... I mean class.

Marinette: oh alright. If you ever need a ride you can just come with me and Penny next time. If you okay with it.

Felix: thanks Mari... Uhmm i mean Marinette or are you find with me calling you Mari. If not i wont use it i just thought.

Marinette: : It's fine i don't mind at all with the nickname.

Felix: great, uhmm there is also something else i wanna ask you...

Brrringggg- the third School bell meaning break over and class has already begun.

Marinette: come on Felix we are gonna be late. (Grabs his hand pulling him to class quickly. Unknowingly to her this leaves a tint of red to the blonds face with the jolts sparking as their hands touched)

When she finally let go of his hands as they had already made to the outside of their class. She still had not noticed the change in the blond, which he quickly concealed with a straight face.

Walking into miss Bustier's class. Their lies a sobbing crocodile teared up Lie-la Rossi (oops i mean Lila)

Alya: you! How could you! Lila didn't deserve any of this. You rotten little brat...

Marinette: excuse but what have i so called done this time now?

Alya: don't play innocent you wretched witch. You pushed Lila and walked all over her afterwards.

Felix: uuhh hmmm, sorry to disturb but Marinette was would me. We had a project to take care of so she helped me out and i have been in her company since. So unless she can teleport in thin air. I suggest you rethink your claim and words against her.

This leaves a few students stunned at the evidence laid out but of course Lila saves her own skin.

Lila: ohhhh i am so sorry my memory must be fuzzy after the fall and my lying disease is acting up again. Sobs i can't help it. (wailing)

Alya: oh girl it's not your fault. Don't cry it will alright lets get you to your seat.

Lila: oh my Titinus  it's gone maybe i can sit in the back now i always wanted to see the view from the back of the class. I could even sit with Felix.

Felix: fine then Cessarie you and Lie-la can sit in the back while Mari and i take the seats in the next row. Who ever wants to sit the front may do as they please.

Chloe: actually Felix mam wanted me and Nino to move the front as well and take the places behind that exact seat. So why don't you and Mari-bear sit their and Nino and i will sit directly behind you.

Nino: great idea Chloe. brilliant your truly amazing.

Chloe blushes: t-t-thanks Nino

Marinette: sure sounds perfect.

Alix: uhmm guys would yawl mind if i go sit by Nathaniel. I... Uhhh I'll  need some quite to uhh... to study!

Marinette: no problem.

So that's how the class settled out.

Juleka with Adrien, Felix With Mari, Nino with Chloe and Alix with Nathaniel on the right side if the class. While Lila and her sheep were on the other side.

Later after school.

Alix: uhmm Marinette can i talk to you for a minute. I just well i wanna say sorry.

Marinette: sure but sorry for what exactly?

Nathaniel and Juleka emerge from the side where they waiting for Marinette to walk by and apologise to her as well.

Nathaniel: for turning against you. For falling for the lies.

Juleka: for believing Lila over you.

Alix: for not seeing the truth and believing in you.

Julieka: for not trusting in you. i mean we grew up with you.

Alix: you'd think we would have noticed the lies as well and stuck by you on your side but we were foolish

Nathaniel: we are all sorry, we don't deserve your forgiveness and we understand if you say no to us about....

Marinette: stop i am just glad you guys finally realized it for yourselves. Instead of falling for the lies and destroying your own futures in the process. I forgive you.

Nathaniel, Alix and Juleka at the same time: really!

Juleka: you do?

Marinette: mmhm, just give me some time to adjust today. It's been a long day. We will talk it out tomorrow here at school in the morning.

Alix: sure, no problem Marinette

Juleka: alright

Nathaniel: okay

And this is how it falls to place those with the brain cells and back bones to think for themselves. Than their is those who follow like brainless zombies.

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