Chapter 22

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The day has finally come. The sound of groaning can be heard all around due to the lack of sleep and tiredness of knowledge of the expected web of lies and brainless classmates ready to blabber around a certain snake with two dangling front pony plates and an awful sense of fashion. The Miraculous team had all came out late last night to defeat Shadow Moth newest akumatized victim who happened to spread chaos every where it went with all it nightmare powers, apparently a little girl had a bad dream and the akuma sort out to feed of this terror and spread it all around resulting in another sleepless night to our famous super hero's. Who know they have to deal with their school assignment field trip with their rest of the class. 

Even before they can get on the bus Lila has already opened her mouth to spread her lies of yet another one of her many gained illnesses due to her good personality and charitable good doings. The group being to tired to care went on to sitting on the right hand side of the bus and sat in a group, dozing of to sleep before the bus could even begin to move. Chloe of course was not with them as she was at the hotel already seeing as it is her father's hotel and she stays there. She is supposed to be waiting in the receptionist lounge for them instead she is also sleeping of her tiredness as well in bed not on the bus like the rest of the team.


Lila seeing this becomes furious and gets up from her seat this catching most of the sheep's attention as most were already staring at the sleeping pair because of Rose was already talking about the cuteness of the pair

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Lila seeing this becomes furious and gets up from her seat this catching most of the sheep's attention as most were already staring at the sleeping pair because of Rose was already talking about the cuteness of the pair. 

Lila pov

I am suppose to be the one sleeping on Felix Graham Devanily's shoulder like that not Marinette. Who does she think she is. I have to end this now so why don't I just sit with him instead. As Lila makes her way to them Alix wakes up she pretends to be asleep while texting on her phone.

She texts on the group chat which unknowing to most of them contains the whole miraculous team.

The text from Alex:

Red alert! Red alert! The snake is slithering this way.

The buzzing sound of the phones woke most of the group up as they moved to check their messages. After reading the message most groaned out in annoyance as they looked up and saw the snake was indeed heading their way. Felix and Marinette continued to sleep of their tiredness not even making any moves to check their buzzing phones. Before Lila could even make a move on the sleeping pair Nathaniel spoke up "Lila is their something we could help you with? "

Alix: Yes Lila, it must be something very important if you have come to grace us with your presence.

Lila: oh... I just wanted to ask Marinette to switch seats with me well because I am having trouble with my back in the front row seats because the seats are just so uncomfortable and low for me because I had taken a hard fall last week when she pushed me down the stairs. It does seem fair if she is the to one switch seats with me she did give me the injury any way.

Marinette: I did not push you down the stairs Lila and would you please stop using the same excuse every time as me pushing you down the stairs. It is kind of getting a bit old now.

Felix; If you are going to lie all the time stleast come up with new ones please or if you going to use the same ones all the time you should just record yourself saying it and replay it when you need to spew out the exact same lie.

Juluka: and before the rest of you on this bus start jumping in to defend the snake I'd like to remind you that this conversation does not include the rest of you.

Alya: How dare you speak to sweet Lila that way? 

Juluka: did i not just say to stay out of it?

Nino: just because you said it doesn't mean she is going to listen. 

Alix: after all they all share one brain cell which they use to listen to the snake here and all her lies.

Felix: Lila, do yourself a favor and walk away before the the waterfall of fake crocodile tears begin...(Marinette finishes off)

Marinette: and ruin our peaceful nap

Of course the snake never listen the tear works had begun. Encouraging the rest of the sheep to jump in and calm down Lila's water fall of crocodile tears and attack the small group of friends whose sleep had ruined. At the scene unfolding Miss Bustier did nothing what so ever but of course another teacher had to be present for this field trip and you can take a guess to who that is?

Miss Mendeleev-the science teacher

"silence!" she screams out to the rest of the bus. Getting all the students to immediately shut their mouths and scuttle back to theirs seats when she orders them to move back to their seats with one glare to not only Alya but Lila too.

"Now for the rest of this field trip i don't want to hear a single sound from any of you do i make myself clear?"

No on answered except for the miraculous team of friends with nods and straight forward yes as their answers. When Miss Mendeleev saw the rest of the class not answer she raised her voice again and asked "do i make myself clear?"

Lila and her sheep respond with quite "yes" in response and heads down in fear of catching the teacher glare directed at them. Once the teacher sat back down in her seat in the front the whole bus remained silent for the rest of the trip allowing our group of hero's another chance at taking a quick nap until they arrived at the hotel.

When they did arrive at the hotel of course Lila continued her tear works with Miss Busteir about she can't do the tasks given to her by how Lila got hurt from all the wounds Marinette supposedly gave her and how all her assigned tasks should be given to Marinette since she is the cause of her (sob) pain and (sob) suffering and Alya as well as the rest of the sheep convinced miss Bustier to still allocate the marks to Lila even though Marinette is doing all the work. At the end of it Marinette didn't have to do any of Lila tasks because Miss Mendeleev caught on to what was happening and arranged for Lila to do all her tasks to be done on another day when she brings a doctors singed not as a recall and proof to her injuries and if she does not bring one no marks will be given to add in her report.

Lets just say Miss Mendeleev is not gonna take any of Lila or the rest of the sheep blabbering and fits today.

Till the next chapter ohh also Chloe is still asleep in her room. lol. 

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