Chapter 19

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Marinette pov

"So the plan is to do what exactly. Walk around and have them follow us then sneak away" I ask Felix.

Felix smirks: something like that.

Marinette: oh no why are you smirking.

Felix: the whole lot of sheep is on us.

Marinette: you mean our very own classmates. You do know that is a bad thing right.

Felix: still fun

Marinette: (sighs) on my signal give me your hand.

Felix: why?

Marinette: just do it. Trust me.

As Felix gives her his hand she pulls him along running upstairs and through a group of student on the higher floor coming out of the art class with this distraction Marinette pulls both of them into the group of student ducking behind some of the jock kids and as they pass the science class. She drags him with her and go to the second door in the back of the class.

Marinette: see wasn't that bad now was it.

Felix: not bad at all Dupein Cheng.

Marinette: ugh back to last names are we.

Felix smirks: why you prefer the sound of your first name from my voice.

Marinette: (blushes) that... That is not what I meant...

Felix laughs a genuine laughter and says "I was joking" to Marinette. "Ha, you just to easy to crack".

Marinette: you... You jerk.

Felix: (Chuckles) That was just to good. Ohh how I have to tease you more onwards from now on.

Marinette: I. . . I can't uhgh just stop

Felix: never

Marinette sighs and looks through a gap in the door.

Marinette: coast is clear. Let's get a move on.

They then make their way to the library where the rest are already and playing Ultra MEGA STRIKE lll and of course we all know who wins at playing video games. . . MARINETTE

Later that day on patrol for the miraculous team.

Ladybug: so, we split up in pairs as usual and finish up night patrol then re-group at the Eiffel Tower to end it off.

Carapace: sure sounds good.

Rest as well murmur in agreement.

And of they went of in their different directions. As the night came to an end for their patrol they all headed home but of course a little black cat headed of to make sure a certain Bluenette got home safely first. As he saw her de-transform on her balcony then turn around to look at the stars he couldn't help but admire her from afar as he hid himself on a nearby roof top. He watches as her hair shinned a dark blue colour in the moonlight and her pale checks reflect the light of the moon. As he looked more closely he also couldn't help but notice her eyes two blue orbs glancing to the stars. He was so lost in the moment that he couldn't help himself as he jumped over to her roof top and perched by her balcony.

Marinette: Chat Blanc what are doing out here so late at night?

Chat Blanc: ohh just a midnight walk and enjoying the view of the stars.

Marinette: oh that's nice to hear. I was also doing the same here from my balcony. Wanna join me.

Chat Blanc: sure I have got time.

The two sat in comfortable silence just looking up at the stars together. This is until Felix comes up with something to say.

Chat Blanc: can I ask you something miss Dupien Cheng?

Marinette: sure, go ahead.

Chat Blanc: do you think I am the right choice for this job I mean as the new Chat Blanc?

Marinette: of course without you ladybug would not have a partner. You two are a team! Sure their is rest of the miraculous team but you two have each others back as a duo. Ladybug and Chat Blanc her trusted Knight in leather armor. Personally I think you're much better than the last Chat Noir. All I ever saw him do was flirt with Ladybug and say his awful cat puns during an akuma attack. I mean how distracting was he too her. I... So I am blabbing out again my bad. So sorry

Chat Blanc: no need to apologize I find it right entertaining to see you blabbering. Your checks are flushed redder than Ladybug's suit. It is kind of cute. (What is happening to me? Why did I just say that?)

Marinette's cheeks became redder at his words

Chat Blanc: well then, I should head back now. It is getting kind of late you should get some sleep.

Marinette: wait Chat! Umm... I just wanna say without you Paris wouldn't be safe as it is now. Since you join the miraculous team you can see the change. The team is stronger united. You guys are not just superhero's to us you are symbols of hope for every new day we see to you as our strength to carry on. To not live in fear of Shadow moth. You go out there everyday with your team and you show us. You guys show that good will thrive and light will always shine a new day even if darkness the appears. Ladybug would purify it and you will be there to help through the challenge. I don't want you to doubt yourself Chat...(gives him a soft smile that makes his heart beat faster. Almost ripping out of his chest) you are my symbol of the good in this world even with the powers of the black cat.

Felix back in his room as he de-transforms.

Plagg: ohhh lover boy falling for his Mystery Bluenette

Felix: she... She really believes in me. Doesn't she

Plagg: yeah, yeah I heard her too and she is right. With you being the new Black Cat holder the team is stronger. You support Ladybug even as she is Marinette. Heck you guys are the strongest team of holders that we as kwarmi's has ever seen in years and that is a long time kid. Plus with all our last holders they didn't figure out each other's identity until after the missions were completed.

Felix: thank you Plagg. Thank you. For believing in me as well.

Plagg: kid I am not the only one who believes in you that group of friends you got also believe in you. I know it is hard but you got let them in those walls you've built around yourself. It's not healthy to keep it up. Sooner or later you will see that they don't mean you any harm, they won't turn on you kid.

Felix: (sighs) I know. I just this wasn't suppose to happen I didn't expect this I never let anyone in. I never let anyone through my walls. They just make me feel whole again. She... She makes me feel alive again.

Plagg: well that's Lady bug for you or should I say Marinette... Sometimes kid the thing we have been searching for our whole lives comes to us at times we wouldn't even see it coming. It just hits us.

Felix: she didn't have to hit me at all she had to do was smile and her eyes light up the whole room.

Plagg: oh great all this lovey doveyness is making me hungry. Where's my Camembert?!

Felix: and there he is again stinky stock wants to be fed again. Sighs and here I thought you'd change after this (smirks, knowing he hit the rights spot to his mischievous kwarmi of destruction and hunger)

Plagg: hey, we had a heart to heart there! But now I am hungry now (whines). All this advise I hand so freely out makes me hungry okay. Now feed me before I die of hunger!

Felix: Yiech, you sure you weren't a drama queen in another life( Felix whispers as he goes to the mini fridge that store Plagg precious cheese)

Plagg: hey, I heard that!

Looks like Marinette changing the ice prince heart in more ways then one. Plagg of course helps along the way while eating his beloved Camembert cheese.

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