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In a calm but lethal tone, he asked, "Have you lost your fucking mind, you idiot?" He was baffled as to why she was acting in this manner

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In a calm but lethal tone, he asked, "Have you lost your fucking mind, you idiot?" He was baffled as to why she was acting in this manner. Why is she attempting to sabotage her own life by rekindling her relationship with him?

"No, Maxwell, I'm completely aware of what I'm doing. In any case, I'll have to marry to save my father's mafia. I knew it would happen one day, but I didn't believe it would be you." She uttered it with a focus on the word "you."

"Marriage? With me? Are you truly mad?" he exclaimed, not bothering to hide the tone of venom in his voice. He couldn't understand why she had suggested something so foolish, and he certainly wasn't going to let her get away with it.

"Yes, with you." she confirmed, her voice firm and strong. "I have no other option to save my family. My father's mafia is falling apart, and I have to marry to secure its future."

"You can't possibly think I'm going to go through with this?" He said it with irritation laced in his voice.

"Just go talk to your father, I am sure he will understand you. Stop trying to act so fucking stubborn." He sighed and looked at her, who was surprisingly quiet, but he could see the anger in her body language.

She looked at him with a cold stare, her gaze like a knife that cut right to the core. "Like I have a choice here," she said with a heavy heart.

 "Since Mr. Perfect came back into my life, why will anyone listen to me?" she added, her voice laden with bitterness. It was as though she felt her opinion held no value, that she was alone in a sea of darkness.

"Seriously, Maxwell? You always ruin everything. Nothing has ever gone right in my life since you came into it 11 years ago. Why did you come back now?

Just when I thought my life was getting better and I was getting over the fact that YOU destroyed it, you come crawling back with your poor ass. You really need to understand your place and maybe go away.

It will be better for everyone in this fucking world and no one will truly care." she said not bothering to realize how bad her words hurt.

Before she could see how much her comments had still impacted him, he collected himself. "Well, why don't you go talk to your "father" about it, Miss Perfect? Since he loves you so much, yeah? he may as well do something." With sarcasm pouring from his voice, he stated.

"Fuck off you piece of shit, at least I didn't betray the only person who ever loved me. Shame on you," she said angrily.

That was it. She hit the nerve.

"You know what, Delilah, you are the one who should be ashamed. You didn't even bother fucking listening to me and just assumed I was supposed to kill you."

"Oh, so what were u doing exactly talking to my mother, telling her how easily you made me fall in love with you and how easily you can kill me now? Now answer me, mister," she said, her eyes showing nothing but pain and anger.

"See, Delilah, can we for fucks sake just talk like normal adults please," he said calmly.

"Anyways, fuck off now I have no intentions of marrying you. I might as well marry Grayson rather than marrying you," she said, not meaning her words at all.

"oh yeah, sure, go marry Gray-" He paused, hearing the name she said she would marry.

It was as though his name was a curse that burned his tongue whenever he spoke it. Grayson, Grayson, Grayson, the name echoed through his mind, a constant reminder of what he lost, of how little he mattered. It was always Grayson, never Maxwell, as though the very mention of him was like a punch to his gut, a reminder of his helplessness and powerlessness. The injustice of it all made his jaw clench and his fists clench even tighter, his chest burning with a fire that was both primal and painful.

Maxwell's expression darkened as he felt the sting of jealousy and frustration welling up inside him. He did indeed have a sore spot, and she was definitely hitting it. Her words echoed through his mind, the mention of Grayson triggering a surge of resentment and bitterness. He knew he shouldn't let it bother him, but it cut deep.

He tried to keep his expression neutral, not wanting to show her just how much her words had affected him.

"Go ahead and marry Grayson," he scoffed, tilting his head in a sarcastic and mocking way.

"Your father won't let you," he continued.

His words brought her back to reality. She was going to get married, not to anyone else but Maxwell. Maxwell, who only cares about himself,. The man who ruined her life, her family, and her dreams of falling in love all because of his mafia. He killed her. Everything was completely fine before he came. 

But little did she know, that life has different plans for her.

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