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-Flashback continued-

There stood his Delilah covered in Red.

When he saw the crimson blood on her lovely bridal gown, his heart stopped. He couldn't hear anything but his thundering heartbeat, like if his thoughts had stopped working.

All of the sirens, shouts, and cries were deafening to him, and he simply stood there, unable to absorb it all.

When he saw his mother shaking him and telling him to go with her, he broke out of his thoughts.

When he noticed that they were bringing her to the ambulance, he dashed over to sit close to her. When he saw her pale face and chapped lips, his heart stopped. Her face had lost its radiance. Her eyes were slightly open looking at him so he came forward and cupped her face softly looking at her in pure adoration and fear of what will happen to him if something happens to his Delilah.

"Max..." she said quietly, choking a little. He warned her "Don't say anything right now, we'll be at the hospital shortly. okay?" He kissed her on the forehead gently.

He had been trying to be strong for her all this time, but suddenly he couldn't. He wasn't sure when the tears started flowing down his cheeks, and he was shakily staring at her face, which was clouded by his tears. He kissed her on the cheek and whispered "I will never let you go; just remain strong, Delilah, and stay for me. I love you so much that I'm afraid I'll die without you." 

He tried everything he could to hold back his emotions, but it was impossible. He couldn't help but think about what would happen if she weren't in his life. 

She was exhausted, so she gave her love a faint grin before closing her eyes and sinking into a pit of darkness.

When he saw her sleeping face, he felt a weird ache in his heart, like if something terrible was about to happen. After about 5 minutes the monitor suddenly beeped, his eyes sprang up and there was a straight line on the screen.

He sagged and buried his face in his hands. He wasn't a doctor, but he understood the significance of the straight line.

She died.

He felt so many voices and when he opened his eyes, he found himself in a hospital.

"What happened to me?" he asked the nurse standing next to him.

"Your car crashed into a tree so a couple found you and bought you here, luckily there are no injuries," she said smiling at him.

That was just a dream.

My Delilah is still alive.

He inquired about the time, and the doctor said that it was 5:32, suggesting that he only has 3 hours till his wedding. He instantly dialed his assistant's number and instructed him to grab a car. He dashed to his car and sat in agony, hoping to see Delilah.

He came inside the dressing area ignoring all the voices calling him and telling him to get ready. He just wanted to see her.

He came inside her dressing room without knocking and saw Grayson hugging her sideways and she was slightly blushing and laughing.

Grayson, who was half-Korean and half-French, was an extremely handsome man. He possesses all of the desirable characteristics that would entice women to drop down on their knees for him. He could get anyone he wanted with his fair skin, black eyes, dark black hair, and a killer jawline. (A/n: his cast is Taehyung from BTS)(picture above)

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