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"It's always one step forward, and three steps back."


"I don't want to do this" Emily suddenly said a frown on her face while her head down looking at her shoes.

"Why?" Damien asked sitting beside her and lifting her chin up.

She removed herself from Damien's hold "Delilah is so nice, she really loves all of us, how can we do this to her?" she stood up and pointed at both of them. Maxwell chuckled at her sentence and ordered her to shut up and sit down.

"Do you both not have hearts huh? Imagine how horrible Delilah must feel when she gets to know that her own fucking mother and her best friends betrayed her?" she screamed at their faces.

"She wouldn't know cause she would be dead by then," Maxwell said with a straight face, no emotions visible on his face whatsoever.

"Maxwell" Emily came forward and slapped him hard on his cheek.

"Emily, please don't" Damien came and grabbed Emily making her sit down.

"Damien please tell him to stop, I can't do this to her," Emily said looking at Damien pleadingly.

"You know I can't do it, both our family's life will be at risk if we try to go against him," he said the last part bitterly looking at Maxwell.

"Delilah deserves better, she deserves so much more than us," Emily said looking at Maxwell with so much hatred in her eyes.

"Don't you believe she cares too much about you to be exploited and discarded?" Damien replied, his eyes welling up with unshed tears for Delilah, as he looked at Maxwell.

"Well you have got to learn when to separate business and your personal life, right? For me, Delilah was nothing but a business deal," he said smirking and coming towards Emily and Damien.

I sat in front of my laptop, staring at the video that was playing.

 My parents always told me I was a people pleaser, that I didn't do stuff for myself. That I didn't care enough for myself. I didn't believe them and I was always fine until 6 years ago. But that was the fucking problem. I shouldn't have been okay with being fine, I should have tried harder, for myself, only for myself. But no, I didn't. I always did stuff for my parents, for the people I loved, or at least I thought I loved.

I was constantly trying to make them proud, to put on a happy front and play a cynical game of pretending that everything in my little world was fine just so they could sleep at night. But when you spend so much time immersed in an act of perfection, you begin to forget who you are when the curtains close. 

When you're alone in your bed with your knees to your chest and all your masks sitting motionless on the mattress, you become a victim of the criminals of indifference.

You simply don't feel, and you don't even realize it. That you have stopped, stopped feeling, and stopped living. You are just simply existing.

You try so hard not to feel anything after the terrible luck of individuals circling in and out of your life, each taking a different piece of you with them. You simply grin and avoid; you avoid and avoid and avoid until you simply forget about the agony and what you were attempting to hide.

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