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"They say, 'She's gone too far this time'"


Maxwell was in front of my house, with several bruises lining up his face and the scent of alcohol filling up his body. 

"Delilahhhh" his voice vibrated over the heavy rain- both slurred and excited. "Knock, knock."

"Maxwell oh my god-" I gasped, seeing his state, "are you fuckin-" he cut off my sentence by placing his hands on his ears and giving me a grin.

Maxwell, being the idiot he is, only followed up by saying "Knock, knock." 

"Maxwell what are you even saying?" I questioned bewildered, is this idiot high or something? "Look, I am glad you are here but please-" he cut me off yet again.

"Baby, you are supposed to ask 'who's there' that's the part of the joke and-" I could see that his grin widened more, if that was even possible  as he said the next part "You are glad I am here? Are you serious?"

"Maxwell, stop this nonsense and get inside right now," I said trying to pull him inside by holding his wrist but he just wouldn't budge from his place.

"Nope," he said popping the P "First answer my question, love." his mouth stretched into a large grin, all of his teeth on view as his eyes sparkled with amusement.

"What question?" I asked, annoyance and anxiety flooding through my veins seeing his physical and mental condition.

"Knock, knock." he said for the third time, his hand leaning down to capture my own, his fingers threading through mine.

"Who's there?" I questioned unamused as my fingers tightened around his.


Confusion was clearly written on my face which I am sure even he could detect so he just gave my hand a gently squeeze, his wedding ring and my old promise ring shining in the dark.

"Do- ya who?"

"Do-ya wanna be my girlfriend?" 

My heart appeared to leave my body as soon as he said those words, reaching out to Maxwell and leaving itself in his care. As I stared at his face, which was severely injured and covered in wet hair strands, my breathing quickened and I could feel my cheeks turning red.

His plain beige turtleneck sweater clung to his body and I could feel just how uncomfortable it must have been to wear that in the rain.

"We are already married," I said stupidly, my heart falling to my feet at the sight of him standing here after way too fucking long.

It's been way too fucking long.

His eyes sparkled as if he actually just realized the fact that we are married, and the wide grin on his face made a comeback as he suddenly let go of my hand.

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