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Delilah Warner

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Delilah Warner

I saw the way he was looking at me, I knew that look very well. The look of sadness and adoration merged. But I know all this is just a game for him.

I don't know what to do now. I don't want to marry maxwell. I will never be happy with him.

I turn away and start to walk when I hear him calling my name "Del, please wait" he said. I stopped walking and turn to him "It's Delilah for you. What do you want now? Haven't you insulted me enough? What is your problem, Max?" I don't scream but my voice is kind of raised while saying this. 

I am just tired okay? Imagine getting to know that you have to get married to your ex-boyfriend who tried to kill you and used you for 5 whole fucking years. 

Yeah, you read it right. He, Emily, and Damien who was supposed to be my best friend betrayed me.  People don't understand how hard it was knowing there was literally no one left in my life who hasn't betrayed me. It was all a lie. Even my fucking mother was with them planning to kill me.

I can't just forget everything like this.

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

"Now you may kiss the bride," the priest said to Maxwell.

"If you kiss me you will die Maxwell," I said whispering to him who was cupping my face in his calloused hands.

He nodded and smiled at me. He needs to seriously stop smiling before everyone here gets a heart attack and dies because of him.

He came dangerously close to my mouth and I froze. He was looking at me with such intensity that I could feel myself slowly drowning in his eyes. He gave me a small smile and kissed the area near my mouth so that it looks like we kissed to the people.

 His lips lingered there for a while and we both closed our eyes. Suddenly I was brought back to reality and I pushed him away quickly.

This was really bad Delilah, this can't happen.

I could see the hurt in his eyes but I couldn't do anything. I didn't want to. I wanted him to suffer the way I did. I want to get my revenge on him. I want him dead.

The hardest part of leaving him was accepting the reasons why he was with me. It was disastrous. I was suicidal. If my dad wouldn't have been there I would have not been in this world this now.

Speaking of my dad, let me tell you how I ended up getting married to this bitch. It was because of my dad.

flashback- 5 days ago

The rain could be heard from the windows as Delilah entered her dad's room. He was lying on the bed with a book in hand. "Oh my God, how can he read now?" She shook her head at her father's behavior. He has always been a nerd. Although he is a very busy person, he reads books whenever he has time. Delilah has developed this habit and is obsessed with romance, fantasy, and suspense novels. If possible, he would read all the books he found, but unfortunately, that is impossible.

"Dad?" She said in a very soft voice. It's hard to believe that the ruthless Delilah would become like this when she was with her elders, especially her father. Although she is angry, she can never disrespect her father. He saved her life and she loved him more than anyone.

 "Hi, Delilah sit, I know this is a very big thing that I said but trust me I have a good reason for it. See I know you hate maxwell and you should hate him. He deserves it of course. But if you see clearly you can see that he never wanted to kill you actually. "

"I know he loved you in the past and maybe even now. He was just forced by his dad and that's why he took such a dangerous step. I am pretty sure he was ready to kill himself rather than letting anyone even touch you." 

 "And now he has cut all connections with his dad but he still handles a lot of mafia work and he will keep you safe after I die. Please Delilah just think about it. I am not telling you to fall in love with him. Just get married to him on paper and then I don't need to bother worrying about you, and of course, you can ignore him if that's possible when you are living in the same house" her dad said pleading evident in his voice.

"Sorry dad whatever you say I can't marry him," she said her voice firm.

"Delilah I have tried everything but since you don't want to listen, I will have to make the decision only now. You are getting married to Maxwell Knight in 5 days so that he can take over our mafia and protect it which you and your useless brother couldn't." He said raising her voice with every word.

"Dad what the fuck you can't just marry me off to someone like that please dad," she said almost in tears. She couldn't imagine getting married to Maxwell.

"call maxwell in right now," he said to Delilah. 

Delilah went to Maxwell with unshed tears filled-eyes. Maxwell got worried and immediately went to her and said "Delilah what happened? Please stop crying Delilah it's okay we will figure it out, please don't cry Del" he said very worryingly. 

"What did I do to deserve this Max, why is all of this happening to me?" She said almost crying but composing herself and telling herself to be strong in front of everyone.

Max's heart wrenched seeing his love in this condition. It was all because of him. "Del, listen to me, please tell me why are you crying?" he said softly cupping her face in his hands.

"He wants us to get married, Max," she said in a whisper which was almost not audible to him.

He took her hands and went inside the room. Before he could say anything Delilah's dad came and kept a gun to his head.

"Delilah now the choice is yours. You will either see me or Maxwell dead today if you don't agree to marry him. Do you want anyone of us to die, my dear Delilah?" He said smirking knowing that now she has to marry Maxwell.

"STOP DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MAXWELL DAD" she held Maxwell's hand and pulled him away and came in front of him. Maxwell looking at her shocked.

She is well aware that if she does not marry him, her father will perish at his hands. And she can't have another one of her loved ones killed by him, so she has no choice but to marry this bitch.

"I am ready to marry Maxwell, dad," she said no emotion void in her voice.

And this is how the two souls who once loved each other got bound in an alliance called marriage.

And this is how the two souls who once loved each other got bound in an alliance called marriage

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