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DEFENCE AGAINST THE DARK ARTS classes were like walking into hell itself. Two weeks have passed since school started again, and what once had been her favourite classes had been completely ruined. Professor Umbridge, thankfully, did not target the Slytherins. In fact, they had learnt that she had been in Slytherin herself. For all that's worth, which is nothing. Though she may not pick on them in class, she has not learnt a single thing. 

All of Harry's complaining made complete sense, for once. Even if the Dark Lord was not back, the students should still be learning the basics of DADA. One of Celestia's favourite things in Defence Against the Dark Arts had been duelling. For one, it gave her the opportunity to openly curse the Gryffindor's without reprimand. Secondly, after being surrounded by more Death Eaters than ever after Voldemort's return, she really wanted to learn how to counter their spells. Though they may technically be on the same side, she did not trust them. Not yet at least. Finally, they had their O.W.L's this year, and Celestia did not want to fail the DADA section due to a horrible teacher.

Work loads had picked up and lectures about the O.W.L's by teachers have yet to stop. They were only a couple weeks into school, and yet the teachers had every student anxious for their end of year exams. It was on a Tuesday evening, long after dinner and after all the Slytherin's besides their group had headed to bed, that Draco finally reached his breaking point. 

"That's it, I'm just going to pay some Ravenclaw to do my homework for me," announced Draco. 

Celestia, who had been writing an essay for Potions, looked up from her spot on the couch and quirked an eyebrow. Pansy, Theo, and Draco were all sat on the couch opposite her. Draco's proclamation had gotten all of their attention, thankful for a distraction. They had been talking all night, though they had lapsed into silence only fifteen minutes earlier. 

"Draco, it has only been two weeks, you can't hold out any longer?" asked Celestia. 

"Quidditch try-outs are this weekend. I should be focusing on that, instead of useless work," said Draco.

If there is anyone she knew better than herself, it was Draco Malfoy. She had grown up with him. She knew more about him than anyone else did, in fact, she knew enough that if she wanted, she could most definitely blackmail him. However, she does not plan to do that. 

Something was bothering him. As much as he acted like he did not enjoy school, he did. He was extremely smart. Though he usually began slacking on homework later in the year, he wouldn't be giving up this earlier unless something is amiss. He also kept getting ink over his hands, which only happened when he wasn't paying attention while he worked. Moving her quill and books off of her lap onto the coffee table that separated them, Celestia gave all of her attention to her cousin. 

"What happened?" inquired Celestia.

Draco rolled his eyes, "Nothing's wrong. I just have better things to do with my time."

"Right, and I'm a Hufflepuff. Tell me what happened or I'll tell everyone what happened on my seventh birthday," threatened Celestia.

"You wouldn't," faltered Draco.

"Oh, you know I would."

He cursed under his breath as he ran a hand through his hair. She had won. Digging his hand into the back pocket of his pants, he pulled out a crumpled letter. 

"I was going to tell you soon, but you might as well read it," sighed Draco, leaning across the table to pass the letter to her. 

Grabbing the parchment from his hand, she leaned back into the couch. She brought the letter close to her face, and shielded it slightly from prying eyes, though she knew Blaise wouldn't read over her shoulder. Celestia did not know what she was expecting when she opened the letter - perhaps Draco had another secret admirer who was stalking him again (which had happened last year because Draco had taken Pansy to the Yule ball instead of his stalker). Unfolding the letter, she immediately gulped when she recognised the handwriting and opening line.

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