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THE DEVIL MAY WORK HARD but Pansy Parkinson works harder. By the end of the day, Celestia was a hundred Galleons richer. It did not take long for news to spread of Celestia making it on to the Quidditch team, and people were itching to celebrate.

Slytherin was notorious for their parties. Mostly, these parties contained alcohol and were reserved for sixth and seventh years only. Though that never stopped Pansy. Last year, she had managed to sneak the two of them into a party and Pansy got pissed.

Thankfully because of Celestia's age, the party being thrown in her honour was going to be laid back; at least, that is what Pansy had promised her.

Celestia loved to dress up, but after the tryouts earlier that day, her muscles were still aching. The ache of her muscles reminded her that she was somewhat out of shape, and with that in mind, she decided she ought to work out more often. Especially with Voldemort coming to power and a possible threat of war. After dinner, she began preparing for the party. She chose a casual black dress to wear, and threw on a trench coat when she realised she was cold.

When Celestia finished descending the stairs from the dorms to the common room, she realised that her and Pansy's definition of laid back were different. Though, she supposed, by Pansy's standards the party was moderately laid back.

To Celestia, she had hoped laid back meant that there would be no alcohol, no music, and not an overcrowded room. Fortunately, there was no music; but there was certainly an abundance of alcohol and an overcrowded room.

The common room was filled close to the brim with Slytherin students mingling, drinks in hand and gossip in their mouths. Other fifth years seemed to have jumped at this party opportunity, considering the fact that there were way too many people she could recognise by name.

Weaving her way through the crowd, a couple people uttered congratulations but thankfully she seemingly went unnoticed. Don't get her wrong, Celestia loved attention, but only when she was able to control when that attention happened. Tonight, she just wanted to relax after such a vigorous training session.

Celestia grateful when she saw that her friends had been able to secure their usual seats on the couches. Pansy and Draco were sat on one seat, and the former nearly looked overdressed; but she looked unequivocally beautiful. Blaise and Theo sat on the opposite couch, both looking equally dapper.

Forcing herself in between the two boys, Blaise scowled at her mockingly as he was forced to wiggle further down the couch. Theo had brightened at her appearance, and once she was comfortably seated, he threw an arm around her shoulders.

She often found Theo's arm around her shoulders. It did not bother her, though. It was almost as if his arm belonged there, as if they were the final puzzle piece needed to create something whole. She could always find comfort by his touch. She was so extremely thankful to have him as a friend.

"There's the guest of honour! How are you feeling?" grinned Pansy, speaking over the voices that surrounded them.

"Absolutely knackered. You're lucky I love you or I would have ditched this entire thing for my bed," responded Celestia.

"What did you want me to do? Not throw a party to celebrate my best friend getting on the Quidditch team?" said Pansy, taking a sip of what Celestia hoped was champagne.

"You didn't throw me a party when I got on the Quidditch team," huffed Draco.

"I didn't get one either," agreed Theo.

"Are you the first woman in thrity-two years to get on the Slytherin Quidditch team who also happens to be my best friend?" she paused for dramatic effect. "No, I didn't think so."

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