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HARRY POTTER WAS the bane of her existence. Every day he was stirring up more trouble. Today Celestia and her father were planning to spend the day together – even though it would be spent within the confides of the house. However, these plans were halted when an owl flew through a window, parchment tied to its foot. In the letter it said:


Harry has used magic outside of school and is now going to face trial in the Ministry. It is possible that he may be expelled or sent to Azkaban. Please owl him to make sure he does not leave his Aunt and Uncles place.


Immediately after receiving this note Sirius had waved his daughter off. Celestia made her way back towards her room, walking past a room that contained a frantic Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley.

Hermione was pacing the small room muttering things under her breath as Ginny sat on the bed trying to calm her down. As the annoyed girl passed the room, Hermione's eyes snapped up to her figure.

"Celeste!" called Hermione, swinging the door open.

The raven haired girl closed her eyes for a moment and let out a shaky breath in order to collect her thoughts, before turning around to face Hermione and Ginny. Both of which were now standing in the hallway.

"Do you know what's happening with, Harry? Sirius seems furious!" Ginny spoke.

"Potter used magic outside of school and is going to stand trial at the Ministry," said Celestia idly.

Although Harry was not a topic she largely liked to discuss, she thought she owed it to Hermione. After discovering her father was not in fact a mass murderer, Hermione had attempted to befriend Celestia.

Though it was not easy due to Celestia's stubborn nature, Celestia finally agreed to take tutoring sessions from Hermione. The Gryffindor was more than ecstatic to offer her academic skills, and preferred that they would not be seen by most of the school together. Giving Hermione a slither of information that she felt obliged to.

"Oh Merlin! He could be expelled for that, can't he?" worried Hermione shifting her eyes between the two girls.

"Yes, I think being sent to Azkaban is a possibility too," confirmed Celestia.

"But they can't do that can they? That would be absurd!" Ginny cried, stomping her foot.

Both of the girls in front of her had instantly gotten angry when Celestia informed them further. They were both eager to defend their friend as anger bubbled up inside of them. The hallway was silent for another moment before Hermione spoke again.

"The Ministry have had it out for him since he said You-Know-Who is back!" said Hermione. "They cannot punish him, that would be outrageous! There can't be a law against him, I need to help him build a defence."

With that, Hermione wondered off to study the Wizarding laws with Ginny in tow, leaving Celestia to sulk in silence once again. Continuing back towards her room – or Regulus's room, she slammed the door shut before leaning against it.

Her breathing was heavy as she kept herself from screaming. Her jaw clenched, feeling the blood rushing towards her face. At her side, Celestia's hands had turned into a fist, her nails digging into skin.

Perhaps she had a bad temper, or she was simply overreacting but Celestia was angry. Although the Malfoy's had done their best to treat her as her own daughter – moreso Narcissa than Lucius – there had been moments were Draco had been favoured over her.

Celestia had understood it, he was their own child. But the feeling over getting pushed away by her own father was enraging. This hadn't been the first time she had been put second best this summer either.

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