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She lowered herself onto the bench, her hands clamped over her ears. The Great Hall the next morning was way too loud considering the fact half of the students had been partying last night.

"Why didn't you go to Madam Pomfrey and get a tonic to help with your hangover?" asked Pansy.

"There were none left. She bloody ran out of them," agonised Celestia.

If the bright smile and lack of complaints from Pansy is any indication, she got a tonic to soothe her headache long before they were all taken.

Celestia, on the other hand, had woken up with no memory past her confrontation with Harry, in Theo's bed and an empty dorm room; in which she battled nausea and had to throw up in the boys toilet. Two words to describe throwing up in an all-boys bathroom: not fun.

She then proceeded to go to the Hospital Wing to receive a tonic from Madam Pomfrey to dull her pounding headache, only to discover that Pomfrey had exhausted her stock. Therefore, she had to arrive late to breakfast, with a pounding headache.

Whoever's idea it was to party on a Sunday night deserved hell. She closed her eyes, rubbing her temple.

"Why is everyone looking at me?" grunted Celestia.

She was vaguely aware that people were watching her. Earlier that year, she'd begun focusing on quelling her anxiety. Though, if it weren't for her thumping head taking precedence, the amount of eyes on her would be overwhelming.

"Oh, Gods above, you don't remember?" hypothesised Blaise, chuckling softly.

She snapped her eyes open to stare it him, before deciding to squint at him instead. The room looked too loud and too sounded too bright. She leveled him with a glare that would have lesser men running.

"What did I do?" she demanded.

"You out-drunk me, that's what," cut in Pansy. "How the hell'd you do that?"

"So, I only went mad while pissed? Nothing else? Thank Merlin, I thought you were going to say I did something really, really stupid," sighed Celestia.

Her friends were silent. Theo was blinking at her, Blaise was smothering a laugh, Pansy was looking anywhere but her, and Draco, who hadn't even been at the party, looked positively enraptured.

When looked at Draco, she remembered faintly that she was meant to be angry with him. Though, looking at him now, she couldn't find it within her to be resentful towards him. Perhaps because of the pounding headache, or because that was simply how siblings were; threaten to kill one another one day, and be completely fine the next.

"Bollocks on a fucking arse-stick, what the bloody hell did I do?"

Blaise blinked at her, confused. "What?"

"What did I do?" she repeated again.

"You stole a fucking dagger, had it hidden under your dress, and then for some reason, decided to threaten every Gryffindor in the vicinity — because somehow you knew who was in each house — solely because one of them asked how tall you are, and got into a row with Lavender Brown that no one seemed to be able to stop, not even with Hufflepuff's mediating," explained Pansy.

Celestia rolled her eyes. "That doesn't seem so bad. I'd do that sober."

"That's not all of it," said Theo. "You smashed the skylight in the Ravenclaw common room after half of the Ravenclaws bet you to do it because of how drunk you were. No one thought you'd do it, but
you smashed it into tiny shards so
that when it rained down on everyone it was like glitter; and somehow, no one got hurt."

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