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"Can you shut up for a moment? We're trying to do something," hissed Pansy.

"I already told you no!" replied Celestia.

"Theo, can you just restrain her?" sighed Draco exasperatedly.

Theo mumbled something under his breath before grabbing both of Celestia's arms and pulling her between his legs. He wrapped his arms around her, caging her in.

"Finally! Okay, she's ready!" called Pansy, sticking her head out into the hallway. She turned to them again and sent Celestia a pointed look. "Stay here."

Pansy dashed out of the room, her footsteps muffled against the floor. As soon as Pansy disappeared, Celestia began wiggling in Theo's embrace in an attempt to escape.

"Will you stop fighting?" grunted Theo, tightening his arms around her.

"Traitor," groaned Celestia as she slumped against him.

The building was so quiet that Celestia could hear her three other friends whispered argument as they approached the room. A clock chimed twelve times, momentarily muting their arguments.

Her trio barged into the room, and before Celestia couldcopen her mouth to argue any more, they were singing.

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, Dear Celestia, Happy Birthday to you."

Blaise and Pansy were both holding onto a tray which held a cake, with Draco grinning behind them.

"I told you guys no birthday celebrations," grumbled Celestia, but she couldn't help the smile on her face.

"Just because we're back home for the holidays doesn't mean we don't have to celebrate," argued Draco.

When the children had returned to Malfoy Manor for the Christmas holidays, Narcissa had been upset; though she did not say so outright. She was worried for them in a house full of Death Eaters and a man wanted by the government.

That is why it struck the Slytherins as anomalous when Narcissa had sent Draco a letter nearly pleading for them to return home for the spring break. She wanted them home for the holidays for no other reason than family.

"Complete utter bullshit!" as Draco exclaimed when he read the letter.

If there was one thing that Narcissa would never request them home for, it would be family. Perhaps she might say herself, or on the very rare occasion, Lucius, but she had not referred to them as a family since they had been children.

They had not planned to return to the Malfoy Manor for the holidays. Returning home was more of a Christmas tradition, and they had no plans to return to the Malfoy Manor when it was not completely necessary.

Narcissa's letter had been simply coded, requesting their presence back home to spend time together as a family. The note was so simple that they were not sure if there even was a code, but one thing was clear: Narcissa wanted them at the Malfoy Manor.

And that was where they were, celebrating Celestia's birthday at the stroke of midnight on March thirtieth. Pansy snatched the cake from Blaise's hands, carefully carrying it over to where Celestia was sat on a couch in Draco's room.

"Look! Isn't it amazing? We made it ourselves," grinned Pansy, showcasing the cake.

It did look amazing, which prompted Celestia to ask, "Who actually made it?"

Pansy groaned whereas Draco chuckled. He sent Pansy a not-so-apologetic grin when she glared at him. "I told you she would notice."

"We tried to make you a cake but we ended up putting salt instead of sugar, so we had to have an house elf make one instead," said Blaise.

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