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THE NEXT FEW days had been torture for Celestia. She assumed that it would be bad, but she had not expected this. At Harry's arrival it was as if she did not exist to most anymore.

Sirius spent most of his time with Harry or in Order meetings. Only during mealtimes was when Celestia got to see her father. Though, she tended to avoid most meals, and ate when other people weren't around. After learning this, Mrs. Weasley tended to leave a small portion of the meal in the fridge.

Besides getting meals from Mrs. Weasley, her existence seemed to have faded from everyone else's minds. Although, Hermione would occasionally visit her in her room, and they would read books in silence together. Fred Weasley too found himself looming around her bedroom and the two become what Celestia considered acquaintances.

Remus Lupins once small gestures had dissipated to only small smiles when he accidently made eye contact with her. Others had either forgotten her existence or were purposely avoiding her.

The first night Harry had gotten information from Sirius with just a pleading look. This was when everyone learnt that Voldemort was supposedly after some kind of weapon. For the next couple days all the children were talking about this in hushed whispers.

But currently, the residence was Potter-free as he was currently standing trial for using magic outside of school. So, currently she was enjoying herself in the kitchen while Mrs. Weasley prepared dinner for the Order.

Molly was cooking lunch while humming along to an ABBA song that was playing from an old record player. Celestia had kicked her feet up onto the table as she read a romance novel that she had taken from the Hogwarts library before break had ended.

Occasionally, one of the twins would walk into the room to annoy their mother, or another Order member would inform them that they would be joining for a meal. Most paid no mind to the girl, only with an occasional glance at her.

As the hours went on all of the Weasley family, minus Arthur, and Hermione were all in the kitchen awaiting the return for Harry. At first, Celestia attempted to leave but Hermione had brought up her book and they fell into a conversation about the characters.

"He's cleared of all charges!" Arthur yelled, coming into the room.

Not expecting their arrival so soon, people jumped before their shock and turned into excitement. As Harry stumbled into the room, Ron immediately got off of his seat, grinning at his friend before he spoke.

"I knew it!" yelled Ron, punching the air. "You always get away with stuff!"

"They were bound to clear you," said Hermione, who had looked positively faint with anxiety when Harry had entered the kitchen and was now holding a shaking hand over her eyes. "There was no case against you, none at all. . ."

"Everyone seems quite relieved, though, considering you all knew I'd get off," said Harry, smiling.

Mrs. Weasley was wiping her face on her apron, and Fred, George, and Ginny were doing a kind of war dance to a chant that went, "He got off, he got off, he got off—"

"That's enough, settle down!" shouted Mr. Weasley, though he too was smiling. "Listen, Sirius, Lucius Malfoy was at the Ministry—"

"What?" said Sirius sharply.

"He got off, he got off, he got off—"

"Be quiet, you three! Yes, we saw him talking to Fudge on level nine, then they went up to Fudge's office together. Dumbledore ought to know."

"Absolutely," said Sirius. "We'll tell him, don't worry."

"He got off, he got off, he got off—"

"That's enough — Fred — George — Ginny!" said Mrs. Weasley. "Harry dear, come and sit down, have some dinner, you hardly ate lunch. . ."

Ron and Hermione sat themselves down opposite Harry, looking happier than they had done since he had first arrived at number twelve, Grimmauld Place. Harry sat down, and this was when he finally noticed Celestia. However, he pushed the thought of her away for that moment, too happy to let her ruin his joy.

"'Course, once Dumbledore turned up on your side, there was no way they were going to convict you," said Ron happily, now dishing great mounds of mashed potatoes onto everyone's plates.

"Yeah, he swung it for me," said Harry. She found  that it sounded highly ungrateful, not to mention childish, when he went on to say, "I wish he'd talked to me, though. Or even looked at me."

Celestia who was unintentionally eavesdropping on their conversation was about to make a snarky remark, but bit her tongue when Harry's hand went to his forehead.

"What's up?" said Hermione, looking alarmed.

"Scar," Harry mumbled. "But it's nothing. . . It happens all the time now. . ."

No one else seemed to notice a thing, all of them were now helping themselves to food while gloating over Harry's narrow escape. Fred, George, and Ginny were still singing.

 Hermione looked rather anxious, but before she could speak, Ron said happily, "I bet Dumbledore turns up this evening to celebrate with us, you know."

"I don't think he'll be able to, Ron," said Mrs. Weasley, setting a huge plate of roast chicken down in front of Harry. "He's really very busy at the moment."

"He got off, he got off, he got off—"

"Shut up!" roared Mrs. Weasley.

At their mothers yell the trio of Fred, George, and Ginny went silent. However, when their mother had turned back to chopping up food, they were still chanting in hushed whispers. At the head of the table sat Sirius, to the right of him was Arthur, and the left was where Harry was sat.

Celestia was sat next to Arthur Weasley, Hermione to her right, who was sat next to Ron. Opposite of her was Remus Lupin, sitting next to Harry along with Ginny, Fred, and George. Molly was standing at the opposite end of the table, finishing some last-minute food.

"That's my boy! I knew you'd have gotten off, reminds me of your father and I," said Sirius, ruffling Harry's hair.

Harry let out a grin as he stared at his godfather, his eyes twinkling at the mention of his father. Celestia wanted to say that this didn't infuriate her, or that like Harry, she was in too good of a mood to speak up, but she couldn't.

Her own father had not spoken to her in days. Yet, he seemed unaffected as he smiled at his godson. Celestia could feel the blood rushing to her ears, tinging them a bright red. Before Harry could respond, she spoke out herself.

"What about your daughter?" questioned Celestia, and at her voice the table quietened, not used to hearing her speak.

Confusion painted Sirius's face as he glanced between Harry and his daughter, "Harry was just trialled at the Ministry, what are you going on about—"

"Yes, because that's a perfect excuse for ignoring your daughter for days on end. Merlin, you ignored me before Harry even arrived," said Celestia. "You don't get to abandon everyone, and then show up one day and pick and choose who you care for."

"I didn't abandon you, I was wrongfully sent to Azkaban—"

"You still left me behind, you were my father and you abandoned me, and it seems like you don't even care," Celestia snapped back, prepared to speak again.

"Now that's not fair. Your father has made mistakes, but he's here now. That's got to count for something, right?" Remus said, attempting to calm the girl.

"Shut up, Remus. This isn't about you. This is about him," her eyes averted to her father, "this is about what he didn't fucking do. And it's about what I did, and you know what? I did a fucking great job," her voice wavered for a moment, "because you weren't here!" she concluded, spacing out the final words.

"I understand that, Celestia, but I'm here now. Harry belongs with me, you know that. We can be a family once this is over, all together," said Sirius.

"What if I don't want that? I'm tired of being second best to Harry. Why can't you just pick me for once?"

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