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TWO WEEKS OF HELL PASSED with Proffesor Umbridge slowly becoming more ruthless. She had completed most of her inspections in class, but besides that, she has been suspiciously silent.

But Celestia pushed all thoughts from her mind because today was the first of their trips to Hogsmeade. With all the thoughts of homework and Quidditch, she hard nearly forgotten the trip. Though, the second Pansy shook her awake and reminded her, she was more than ecstatic.

Slipping on black tights, a skirt, and a sweatshirt that was a bit too big for her, she was ready to go. Celestia had overslept and missed breakfast, but she did not care as she could easily grab something at Hogsmeade.

Pansy and Celestia walked to Hogsmeade together, planning to meet the boys at the Three Broomsticks. They spoke of Narcissa's New Years ball, reminding her that they would be returning to the Malfoy Manor for Christmas soon. There was a brief moment of anxiety about her decision to return after Narcissa's warning, but she stopped her thoughts before they began in full force.

It was not long before the two girls were pushing through the doors to the Three Broomsticks are were met with the familiar atmosphere. It was loud, but not in the way that made you want to rip off your ears. The large bar gave off a impression of gleaming warmth and cleanliness. Students were loitering around, carrying tankards filled with their favourite drinks.

Scanning the crowd, she finally found the group of Slytherin boys. They had secured a table on the far right that was right by the wall. Grabbing Pansy's hand so they didn't lose each other in the crowd of wizards, they pushed their way over to their friends.

When they reached the group of boys, they had been mid-discussion about what the best drink to order would be. However, their conversation was cut short when Theo's eyes met hers. His face brightened as she approached the group, and as soon as she dropped Pansy's hand, he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her down into the booth to sit beside him.

"Thanks for stealing my best friend, asshole," said Pansy sarcastically, taking a seat next to Draco.

"Excuse you, she is my best friend," scoffed Theo.

"Listen here, you little b—" glared Pansy, lifting an accusing hand and pointing at him.

"Guys, I have two hands for a reason," reassured Celestia. "I think I'll get a Butterbeer."

"What about me?" pouted Blaise.

"You didn't let me look at your Potions notes, so you can fuck off," said Celestia.

"Harsh," replied Blaise.

"Right, well we'll go order five Butterbeers, that sound okay?" interrupted Draco.

Everyone made noises of agreement, and soon he and Pansy made their way towards the bar. Shifting in her seat to properly get comfortable, Theo's arm made its way around her shoulder.

Despite the fact that the pub was rather crowded, she was still quite cold. Noticing this fact, Theo wrapped his arm around her collarbone instead, in what was close to a chokehold. She was basically tucked into his side.

A couple minutes of comfortable silence later, Draco and Pansy returned with Butterbeer. Celestia clasped her hands around the tankard and nearly shivered at the coldness of it, nonetheless she brought it to her lips and took a sip.

The group fell into a talk about everything and nothing at all, the conversation flowing seamlessly like it always did.

Some time later, Blaise announced that he had to leave for a date to which Celestia scoffed and said "who would go on a date with you?". With a mocking glare in her direction, he left to go on his date with said girl.

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