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"WHAT THE HELL are you doing?" demanded Celestia.

"It's not my fault that the eggs won't land in the bowl!" scoffed Blaise.

"Are you stup-" before she could finish her sentence, she was flying across the counter and taking the measuring cup out of Pansy's hand. "Pansy! That's fucking bleach! Where did you find that?"

"It was under the sink. How was I supposed to know it wasn't edible?" said Pansy.

"Because it's not listed in the recipe!"

"The recipe is dumb," Theo said.

She slapped his hands away from the bowl, mixing it herself. It was safe to say that attempting to make Christmas cookies the muggle way with five pureblood wizards who can't follow instructions was absolutely horrid.

Even Celestia, who was the only one who held some semblance of control, struggled with following the recipe. How could a recipe so simple, be so hard to follow?

This was their third attempt at baking cookies that day. The first batch had failed completely when they used actual oil instead of cooking oil. The second batch burnt in the oven, so she was determined to make the third batch stick.

Draco looked up from reading the recipe from the old cooking book. "Why do the cookies need salt in them if we're making them with sugar?"

"Because," she explained exasperatedly, "that's what the recipe says."


"Get off your arse and grab the cookie cutters," interjected Celestia, rolling the dough out with a rolling pin.

Blaise, the only other competent one - even if he struggled to get eggs in a cooking bowl - in the kitchen, began copying her movements with the other dough they were making simultaneously.

Draco trapezed over, carrying the cookie cutters still in their plastic packaging. They proceeded to struggle with the evil packaging for the next ten minutes until Blaise gave up and began stabbing at the cardboard on the back.

They got the cookie cutters out, pressing them into the dough. Draco was obsessed with the one that looked like a reindeer, overwhelming the other Christmas cookie designs in ratio.

They moved the cut-out cookies onto a baking tray, Celestia placing them the perfect width apart. She slid the tray into the preheated oven with overly Christmas oven mitts that they'd bought from an - unbeknownst to them - tacky muggle shop.

She clapped her oven gloved clad hands together before pulling them off and placing her hands on her hips. She looked at her friends who were all looking at the oven in some semblance of awe. They'd never seen an oven in the works before.

"Do we, uh, make the icing now?" asked Draco, eyes not moving away from the dimly lit oven.

"No, we can make it once they're done baking and they're cooling down," she said.

"Can we play Charades? Or Pictionary?" Pansy wondered, but she, too, didn't look away from the oven.

"Pictionary might be fun," said Theo, staring at the oven, "but Draco is shit at drawing."

"Says you," said Blaise.

"Why aren't they cooking?" questioned Pansy.

"We just put them in," Celestia said, but she was also mesmerised by the oven.

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