◖chapter 16◗  

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Today I was forced to walk smile.... Well ben said it would be more like smile walking me because im

⚡✨f r a g i l e✨⚡


⚡✨W e a k✨⚡

He probably made me because it's his turn but he doesn't want to.

I found a nice open patch of grass and sat down in the middle. Smile seems to never get tired -_-. I took out my scissors and started cutting the grass around me to lull me out of my crippling boredom.... And I really want f/f...


I could go into town..


I could. It's only about 15 minutes away and I have some money I got from Ben because I was being 'annoying'. Plus, slender is at spenders place to help him find something. I could even get a gift for Jeff and Liu to say sorry. I got up and tucked my scissors in the chest pocket of my f/c overalls.

"Come on smile!! We have a mission!!"
He looked up from the flower he was sniffing to give me a dumbstruck look. I started walking. I looked back to make sure smile was following, and he was.

To pass the time I started talking to him about why flowers are called floweKagekao'srs and butterflies are called butterflies and stuff like that. He seemed like he wanted to rip his ears off after about 10 minutes.

I eventually stopped talking when I saw a house come into view, followed by many more.

I told smile he should stay in the woods but he didn't listen so I just kept on going. As we where walking down the streets no one gave smile a second glance. Someone even complimented he on how well tamed his fur looks....

Are we seeing 2 different smiles.. His fur is red and black with patches of knotted fur.. Huh. That's weird... I eventually made it to the shopping district, and it was so colourful. There where booths lined up in many different colors. The smell of so many different kinds of food mixed together in a calming, joyful, scent.

I walked through the crowd looking at the items on each booth until b something caught my eye.

there was a group of little stuffed cats. the ones i noticed was a brown one with green eyes and a black one with pale blue eyes. i wanted to get Kagekao one but theres no split ones. i walked over to the stand to see a lady about 25 or 26 with dirty blond hair and brown eyes.

"oh-! are you lost little guy? wheres your family?"

she started looking around and looked back quickly when you cleared your throat.

"u-um n-no. but i am here to get my family something.."

could you call them that? i've grown so close to them it just came out of my mouth like it was only natural.

"Well do you have an idea of what you want to git them?"

you shook your head

"i wanted to get 3 of those cats-" you motioned to the little stuffed cats "but..."


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