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Hi loves, It's been kinda long since I have properly been active here, well this is because I have my 10th grade Board Exams starting from November 30th till December 11th. These exams are one of the most important ones I think every CBSE studying student takes so yeah, there is absolutely no time to do anything else.

I think everyone knows where this is going, so well Hiraeth is going on a hiatus from today onwards till December 13th. Honestly, it's not that long considering that I don't update very often. I think I won't be very active all this time on Wattpad but if you want to text me, you can do it on my Instagram, not sure if I will reply though<3

I have a chapter written but I don't really like it so I MIGHT update it within these few days but most probably that would also not be happening.

Once again, I am so grateful that you gave my book a chance, and trust me I will be back very soon. I love you all.

-Until next time,


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