Marinette Howlett Part 1

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(Marinette Pov)

Lie-la......Sorry I mean Lila Rossi fulfilled her promise and has turned everyone against me including my former crush Adrien Agreste who saids her lies weren't hurting anyone and told me to take the high road in which I refused to take his stupid advice and move on with my life but every time I go to school the Lying bitch always makes up more and more lies to which my former class mates and ex friends all gang up and do horrible things to me like beat me up for no dam reason, destroy my designs, say horrible words about me and so on. But I wasn't alone I had my real friends by my side who didn't fall for Lila's lies. Alya did her facts checked with the help of Nino to pin point Lila's lies, Kagami never believed in her lies and cut off her friendship with Adrien after he told her the same advice he told me, Chloe apologize to me and we became friends after Sabrina took the lier's side, and Luka didn't believe her lies either and we became a couple after Adrien took the lier's side and betrayed my trust. My parents never believed Lila either and had my former class mates band from the bakery after they tried to break into my house and steal my stuff. Also the good news is that Hawk Moth was defeated and it turned out to be Adriens father Gabriel Agreste and if your wondering about my partner Cat Noir well he got really annoying and wouldn't helped us against Akuma's to only to flirt with me in my Ladybug form in which he had his miraculous taken away after Hawk Moth was defeated and it tuned out to be Mr.Highroad in which I was very disappointed that my partner was that spineless coward who took Lila Bitchy Rossi side for her ridiculous utterly ridiculous lies......great now I am starting sound like Chloe but I have to admit I kind of like it. So for now my life is going through hell because of Lila but that all change when I discovered something fall beyond shocking and it change not only my life but my families life as well.

End Of Pov

It has been two years already and Marinette's life was not doing so well after the defeat of the super villain known as Hawk Moth. Lila Rossi's lies have gone far more worse then before in which the Akuma Class(Former class mates of Marinette) are getting more and violent each day and they all think that Marinette is a bully and liar and Lila is the most sweetest person ever. Can't say that these guys are stupid or just plan on brainless, why could they just look up Lila Rossi on their phones so they can see that she is the true lier but no they just believed her idiotic words that come out of that snake of mouth of hers. So right now school is about to start and everyone is getting ready for the day but what Marinette doesn't realize something inside her is about to awake and it could change her entire life forever. Marinette just came in the door and everyone except her real friends were giving her glares and daggers including Adrien.

 Marinette just came in the door and everyone except her real friends were giving her glares and daggers including Adrien

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