Melissa Hillard Oliver(Green Ranger) Part 1!

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Melissa Pov: 

Hello my name is Marinette Dupain Cheng, I am a normal girl with a normal life but when danger is called I am known as the heroin of Paris Ladybug who uses magical jewel called a miraculous that was given to me by the guardian of the miraculous Wang Fu. I help the city of Paris stop an evil foe named Hawk Moth who is the holder of the missing miraculous of the butterfly as well as the peacock of which he and his partner Mayura use dark butterflies called Akuma's as well as dark feathers called Amok's to turn people into super villains as well as objects into monsters that were task to get the miraculous of both creation and destruction of which my partner Cat Noir was the holder of the miraculous of the black cat and he and I help save the city from Hawk Moth and his Akuma's. But what everyone doesn't know is that I also have a secret in which Marinette Dupain Cheng isn't my real name because it was a cover name to hide the real truth about who I am, you see I am the not the daughter of Tom and Sabine Dupain Cheng because they are basically my aunt and uncle who took care of me while my biology parents are two of the greatest heroes ever but mostly my dad since he practically saved the world more times then I can count and you know why is because my dad was a Power Ranger and not just any Power Ranger but a legendary Power Ranger who fought many battles with his team as well as my mother who was also a ranger herself and soon I was destined to be the next ranger along with my brother JJ. 

So allow me to introduce you to my real name. My name is Melissa Hillard Oliver daughter of Katherine Hillard who was the pink ranger for Mighty Morphin, Zeo, and Turbo while my father who was my idol is Tommy Oliver and he both the green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, White Tiger Ranger, Red Zeo Ranger, Red Turbo Ranger before TJ took over, and lastly the Black Dino Thunder Ranger. I have to say I come from a family of great heroes and soon I will take the mental of the Green Ranger since dad told me that I will some day while my brother JJ took over as the new Red Zeo Ranger. While I was growing up with them, dad and mom trained both me and JJ in martial arts as well as learning what it takes to be a ranger which was very exciting but I was told that I also have to have a life like everyone around the world and so I was sent to my aunt and uncles place in Paris to get the education in which I went to school and made lots of friends as well as became a fashion designer since I like to design clothes based off my own imagination. My aunt and uncle know about my parents being rangers and promise to keep it a secret from everyone in which I was told to change my name as well as dye my hair and wear contact lenses so that I will fit in with my aunt and uncle who treat me well. 

While I was living my life in Paris and going to school as well as being the heroin known as Ladybug, I made such wonderful friends who treated me nice as well as two best friends who I love the most. Alya was my first best friend who wanted to be a reporter and developed her own blog based off my heroin self and of course she knowns about me being Ladybug since I trust her the most and offered her to be the holder of the fox miraculous, then my second best friend was Chloe Bourgeois at first my school bully but turned a different side and apologized for doing awful things to me in which I gave her back the bee miraculous and she changed her name from Queen Bee to Honey Princess. Nino who was the turtle miraculous hero was like a second brother to me as well as the boyfriend of Alya in which he always had my back and I had his when I helped him and Alya get together. Kagami who goes by Ryuko in heroin form and the holder of the dragon miraculous was like a sister to me and she and I had lots in common when I told her about the real me and I did told my friends of who I am really am about being the daughter of two Power Rangers and let's just say Kagami was amazed of what I am and wanted to meet my father since he was her idol as well while Alya, Chloe, and Nino were fan crazy because they were such huge Power Ranger fans. Alix who loves to skate as well as being the holder of the miraculous of the bunny who becomes Bunnix who can travel through time using a watch miraculous and she was absolutely amazing to be around and not to mention tough and shows courage towards others. Lastly is Luka who is the love of my life as well the one who always kept me company and enjoys spending time with me in which he is the holder of the snake miraculous and becomes the hero known as Viperion and yes he does know about the real me and promised to keep it a secret along with my friends who I trust the most. 

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