Mariana Prince(Zoenette)

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Marianna Pov:

My name is Marinette Dupain Cheng, many believe I am just this normal girl with a normal life in Paris France as well as the protector of the city who I transform into the miraculous heroin known as Ladybug well you are wrong. You see the Dupain Cheng's are actually close friends to my biological mother of which she met them a long time ago and they came to treat her like family just like they did with me after my mother created me in the sands just like her mother did with her when she first came to the world.

You see I was born on ancient island that is protected by a magical forcefield that only has women and only women but not just any ordinary women but very powerful and heroic warriors known as the Amazons. We Amazons are known for our heroic acts and leaderships just like my grandmother who is the queen of the island known as Themyscira. My mother Princess Diana the daughter of Queen Hippolyta was by far the greatest and most magnificent warriors of the Amazon race and my hero who I look up to even since I first born into the world. My mother loved me with all of her heart and so did my fellow sisters and even my grandmother the queen. During my time on the island, I have learned so much about my people rays as well as learning how to fight like a true Amazon warrior but also making new friends as well as finding my destiny. My mother has told me so much about her life even her life in the outside world and I wanted to know more about it and thats when she allowed me visit mans world for the first time and learn how to live there and so she sent me to live with two very good people of who my mother met a long time ago and they had the best pastries in the world and I couldn't stop enjoying every minute of them.

Their names were Tom and Sabine Dupain Cheng who lived in the city of love called Paris and of course they known about my mothers origins as well as where she came from and they made her a promise to look after me while I learn about mans world and it's cultures. Mom is quite famous around since she is part of a superhero team called the Justice League where she goes by the name Wonder Woman because thats how many see her as that and if people knew that I was her daughter things could get complicated so I had my name changed to Marinette Dupain Cheng and I went to a real human school where I learned so much as well as made lots of interesting people who became my friends and of course I got attention from some boys but after I told them that I am only interested in women they all backed off because let's face it men can do the most disturbing things in the world and I would not have any part of it. During my years in Paris, I discovered that there was an evil man named Hawk Moth who was abusing the power of the miraculous of the butterfly and use its power to turn innocent people into his own minions while trying to hunt down the miraculous of creation and destruction and the reason why I knew about the miraculous is because my grandmother was the original holder of the miraculous of creation and was good friends with the goddess Tiki who is now my Kwami and friend after the old guardian of the miraculous Wang Fu gave up the miraculous box and pass it off to me in which I became the new guardian of the miraculous.

Being Ladybug was the best thing that ever happened to me as well as that I got to form a team of heroes who are using other miraculous to keep the city safe from Hawk Moth and his Akuma's in which were dark butterflies that turn people into villains based off their negative emotions. My team and I took down many Akuma's and thanks to the power of creation I use its power to restore the damages that the villains caused. I also met some interesting people in school like for example Chloe Bourgeois who I thought would be my school bully but it turns out that she just wanted to be liked by others after her mother left and I made my doing to become her friend and that made her very happy and she later introduce me to her half sister Zoe and let's just say I fell over heels for her and she did the same when she first laid eyes on me. But of course I did have a bully and it is one I could't stand and her name was Lila Rossi who spent her the next couple years tormenting me and my friends while the other who I thought were my friends believed in someone new all because of the made up stories and lies that girl tells them in which they became her mindless sheep while me and my true friends didn't believe them at all not even this boy named Adrien Agreste who is the son of the famous fashion designer Gabriel Agreste.

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