Melissa Foster Odinson: Lady Thor!

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Melissa Pov:

Hello everyone my name is Marinette Dupain Cheng the girl who is always clumsy and has a good personality who lives with the best bakers in Paris Tom and Sabien Dupain Cheng in which I am the most kindest person who treats others with respect and love in which I have many great friends who always had my back and I had theirs. But what they don't know is that Marinette Dupain Cheng isn't my real name also Tom and Sabine are not my parents but cousins of my biological parent who is my mother in which her name is Jane Foster who is the worlds leading astrophysicists as well as the worlds foremost astronomer the creator of the Foster Theory as well as the wife of the greatest hero that ever lived and he is the son of the most powerful ruler of the ancient city of Asgard; Thor Odinson The God of Thunder in which is also my fun loving butting kicking dad who I love most dearly as well as my mother who thought it was best that I live with my aunt and uncle to avoid anything that dad does like save the world and take down creatures that would rip a person in half or fight an army of thousands in which sounded cool but I decided to listen to mom and dad agreed to her in which I respected both their wishes and decided to live with my god parents and had my name changed from Melissa Foster Odinson to Marinette Dupain Cheng.

The only ones who knew about who I really was and about who my parents are, were my closest friends who in which after I lived with my god parents I was given a magical jewel called a miraculous from the an older gentleman named Master Fu who said I was chosen to become the guardian of the miraculous and help bring peace and balance to the world but unfortunately someone else had a miraculous as well in which they were stolen and used for evil in which the man known as Hawk Moth and his partner Mayura used the miraculous to cause harm to the city of Paris in which myself along with my teammates Cat Noir, Bunnix, Viperion, Ryuko, Queen Bee, Carapace, Purple Tiger, and Rena Rogue banded together to take on Hawk Moth and his butterflies called Akuma's who take over people with negative emotions and turn them into Hawk Moth's slaves but luckily for us heroes we were able to deal with the situation at hand. The Teammates I mentioned are the friends who stood by my side to the bitten end in which their names were Adrien Agreste, Luka and Juleka Couffaine, Kagami Tsurugi, Alix Kubdel, Nino Lahiffe, Chloe Bourgeois, and finally Alya Cesaire. All of them know about me being the daughter of Thor and Jane Foster in which they promise to keep a secret since I trust them with my life in which my dad and mom actually got to meet them in which they swore an oath that they will not reveal who their daughter truly is in which my father Thor was happy that I made such great friends and got to see the Kwami's again since they were good friends of his people back on Asgard.

When I was at school I used to have a crush on Adrien but due the facts that he only loved her for being Ladybug, I turned him down in which Adrien understood how I felt but he decided to be friends with me in which I liked and I helped him get together with Kagami since she really liked Adrien a lot I helped them got together and they were very happy together so was Nino and Alya who have been together for a long time and found they truly love each other. Chloe decided to become a sister figure towards me in which I really loved since she and I used to be enemies at first but when we bonded more and shared stories with each other we became so close to family that we became like sisters. Alix got together with Kim and those two had lots in common and spent almost everyday working out and sharing stuff about how to stay fit as well as doing sports. Juleka got together with Rose who was like a bundle of joy in which they both found out that both of them were lesbian in which their families approved of their relationship including us and we wished they a happy life together. As for me well I together with Juleka's brother Luka who was so kind to me and loves music since his father is Jagged Stone as well I am being his personal designer and treats me like family as well as his pet crocodile Fang. Luka and I been together for a long time now and I couldn't be any happier to have someone like him in my life in which my dad Thor approved of him being in my life and Luka promised my father that he will always be there for her as well as keep her safe which my dad very proud to know that Luka is a good man even mom liked him as well after Luka played a song for her birthday in which she loved the song so much that she teased me when Luka is going to propose to me and that got me very embarrassed.

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