Melissa Hillard Oliver(Green Ranger) Part 2!

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After Melissa who is now the new Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger gave the orders to her family, they all headed out and went aid the miraculous heroes against the Akumatized villains.

With the heroes they are doing their best to handle off the akuma's on their own in which some of them were getting the upper hand while the others were not doing so well in which Rena Rogue was having a hard time dealing with Stormy Weathers abilities as well as Illustrators creations that he drew to use against the heroin and Gamer making video game versions of the himself as well as some of the villains.

Rena Rogue: Uh oh this isn't looking too good?

Stormy Weather: Hahaha! We got you not little fox.

Gamer: Yea and by my contact just you have a 20% of making out of here in one piece.

Illustrator: So why don't you hand over your miraculous and we will give it to Hawk Moth.

Rena Rogue: Like hell I would!

Stormy Weather: Have it your way. Any last words!


Stormy Weather/Gamer/Illustrator: Wait what?.......ARGH?!!!!!(All said then got hit with laser arrows and got slammed into the walls)

Rena Rogue: What the?

Thought you can use some help.

Rena Rogue looked behind her and saw who she couldn't believe her eyes in which was the Pink Turbo Ranger herself while holding her turbo wind fire.

Rena Rogue looked behind her and saw who she couldn't believe her eyes in which was the Pink Turbo Ranger herself while holding her turbo wind fire

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Rena Rogue: Oh my god....oh my god...oh my god...oh my god!!....YOUR THE PINK TUBRO RANGER KYAAAHHH!!!🧡

Pink Turbo: Thats right thought you guys can use some help dealing with Hawk Moth and Mayura.

Rena Rogue: Wait if you're here then that means.

Pink Turbo: Yup Melissa is here as well along with Tommy and our son JJ in which they are aiding the others as we speak.

Rena Rogue: NO WAY! Ok I just want to say I am a huge fan of yours as well as your husbands.

Pink Turbo: Well I am flattered but hows about we chat after we take down these villains together. Care to join me Rena Rogue.

Rena Rogue: It would be my honor ma'am!

As soon as they saw the villains get up from their blast hit by Pink Turbo Ranger both herself along with Rena Rogue attack them one by one in which Pink Turbo attacked both Gamer and Illustrator of which she spotted the objects where the akuma's are that were located in illustrator's tablet and Gamers glasses. Then after she broke the tablet and glasses both villains returned to their civilian forms who turn out to be Melissa former classmates Nathaniel and Max of which they have no memory of being akumatized.

Nathaniel: What happened?

Max: I think we got akumatized again?

Nathaniel: We did?

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